Piggy Penthouse

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Moving on Up!

This Multi-Faceted cage has 3 levels. The base cage is a Small (2x3 grid) Cage leading up to a second-level Piggy Patio. With some crafty DIY and small components, a second Small (2x3 grid) Cage offset creates a third level and storage space to neatly tuck all the necessities out of sight.

This creation is not for novices as alterations are necessary. Each separate component below has its own component, but not specific instructions for this configuration as a whole. It's a time-consuming project (as any 3-level configuration would be), but if you have any questions, we're always here to help and provide additional images. You'll need to use the images here as your GUIDE.

The Small (2x3 grid) Cage is recommended for 1-2 female guinea pigs. The absolute minimum for 2 males is the Large (2x4 grid) Cage.

When determining the appropriate square footage to provide your herd, only count the base cage because not every guinea pig will use ramps and upper stories.

It's HARDER to REACH to the BACK!

Keep in mind, while this LOOKS cool, the reach all the way to back is NOT POSSIBLE without ACCESS from the sides. Your arms can't reach all the way across a 3-grid-wide cage, let alone one stacked like this, so please be careful about considering it for your situation. 

Ramp Up Fitness

Exercise can help prevent health issues including heart disease and diabetes. Climbing is a great way to encourage exercise and activity which keeps strength up and joints healthy. In addition, climbing also helps with piggy digestion and keeps butt muscles toned which can reduce instances of anal impaction in older males. We used our Piggy Patio as a convenient connecting level to allow for piggy zoomies between the upper and lower cage. This also creates unique hiding spots for piggies to burrow and explore.

NOTE: You will need to make a cut in the 12" backwall so the Piggy Patio can be placed in the correct location. See photos below.

Cozy Cavy Condo Cafe Under Patio

Cozy Cavy Condo Ramp Splice

Like what you see? We used the components below to create this set up:

Please note, prices are base prices. Adding features and options can increase an item's price.

Cage from Guinea Pig Cages Store:

  • (1) Small (2x3 grid) Cage in Orange with Black Grids and 12" Backwall (NOTE: You will need to make a cut in the 12" backwall for the Piggy Patio. See photos above.) - starting at $59.99
  • (1) Small (2x3 grid) Cage in Light Blue with Black Grids - starting at $59.99
  • (1) Piggy Patio in Yellow with Black Bars, Purple Ramp and White Edging - $56.99
  • (1) Piggyback Ramp in Purple (only one coroplast panel was used to connect the Piggy Patio to the top level) - $19.79
  • (1) Portal Grid in Black - $3.59
  • (1) Quarter-Round Grid in Black - $3.49
  • (1) Dome Grid in Black - $3.39
  • (1) Hearty Hay Buffet in Purple with Black Clips - $18.99
  • (2) Cavy Cafes one in Yellow and one in Lime with Black Edging - $26.99 each
  • (1) Cavy Canopy in Orange - $22.99

For the floor of the top cage and the stand:

  • (9) Standard Grids in Black (plus the grid that Portal Grid replaced on the top level. You will use 6 standard grids to form the bottom of the upper level and 4 standard grids to form the stand) - $2.75 each
  • (4) Plastic Connectors in Black - $0.52 each
  • (1) Standard Cubby Bin in Yellow with Black Handle - $28.99

Fleece and Accessories from Guinea Pig Market:

  • (2) 2x2 Cage Liners in Hedgehogs - $72.99 each
  • (1) 2x1 Cage Liner in Hedgehogs (with optional Ramp Cover, sidewall covers not pictured) - starting at $43.99
  • (1) Fleece Forest in Hedgehogs with optional Black Grid and Potty Pad - starting at $21.99
  • (1) Fleece Flipper Case in Purple (folded to fit the Piggyback Ramp - $17.99
  • (2) Water Bottles in assorted sizes and colors - starting at $15.99
  • (2) Food Bowls in assorted sizes and colors - starting at $6.99
  • Potty Pads in assorted sizes and colors - starting at $12.99
  • Munchable Toys starting at $4.99

Cozy Cavy Condo

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RedHawk July 14, 2021 4:29 AM (reply)
Hello. Is it possible to get this in a longer cage? Thank you!

38 comment(s)
Teresa July 14, 2021 11:10 AM (reply)
Physically, yes, although you may need a support rod under the front of the upper level (see the article under the Articles menu about "Stacking Cages"). But, we don't show it longer than this because at least in a 2x3 you can get to the back section from either END. This is impossible to reach the back area just standing, bending or kneeling in front it. It's too wide. But, some folks think that's not an issue. At least initially. Most of the photos and 'oh how cool' images and videos you may find on the net are in the very early days of their cage build and dealing with it. Over time, the very difficult reach in wide cages becomes an on-going, difficult chore. Not something you look forward to doing, so you start doing it less and less and then it gets worse and worse. Just a word to the wise. It's why we generally stick to 2-grid-wide cages. This is an exception for the reason that it's shorter and hopefully built with access on the ends. Thanks!

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