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Enjoy happy, healthy, popcorning guinea pigs in a durable,
easy-to-clean, easy-to-modify C&C Cage made by
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Midwest Cage Upgrades

Coroplast Base for Midwest Cages
4 review(s)
Coroplast Base for the Midwest® Guinea Pig Habitat Cage, replace the canvas tarp (22.5" x 46.5"). Easy-to-clean | No staining | No odors
Price: $41.99

Kitchen Suite for Midwest Cages
1 review(s)
The Kitchen Suite For Midwest Habitat Cage ONLY. Includes Midwest Diner, Canopy and Backsplash!
Price: $46.99

Mezzanine for Midwest Cages
2 review(s)
An upper level patio for Midwest Habitat Cages. Easy lift up for cleaning and two ramps for running zoomies! A Midwest Must-Have!
Price: $44.43

Diner for Midwest Cages
1 review(s)
Kitchen/Potty area of cleanable Coroplast for the Midwest® Habitat Cage. Sits inside their tarp liner OR our Coroplast Base replacement. (22" x 15")
Price: $22.99

Canopy for Midwest Cages
Easy flip-up, light-weight top for privacy. A MUST-HAVE for open cages. Helps potty train your piggies to use the Midwest Diner kitchen area underneath.
Price: $18.99

Backsplash for Midwest Cages
Backsplash to prevent bedding and hay from escaping and falling behind the wall. Great for kitchen areas or behind hay racks.
Price: $9.99

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The Real Deal on Midwest® Guinea Pig Habitat Cages

What is a Midwest Guinea Pig Cage?

The bottom is a low-height, water-resistant (not waterproof or urine-proof) canvas-fabric tarp which is secured to its single-level, narrow-gauge, collapsible wire fencing with 18 velcro straps. It requires a solid, flat surface to sit on.

How big is it ... really?

The true size of the Midwest Habitat cage is 7.2 square feet (not 8), which is just UNDER the 20-year standard of the smallest cage size acceptable for guinea pigs. We measure the inner space available to the guinea pigs, not outer-most wire to outer-most wire. All cages are compared on true, usable inner space not outer marketing dimensions. Our plastic replacement for the canvas, the Coroplast Base for Midwest, is 22.5" x 46.5", cut to maximize the cage space and hold up it's wire perimeter. That is 7.2 square feet -- the same size as the canvas base.

Because of its price and availability, it is popular. Yet, there are a number of challenges with the Midwest cage design that many people face over time. We recommend the Midwest Habitat as a good "temporary stay" cage for travel, vacations, recuperations, temporary separations, etc. Good to have on hand for emergency evacuations as well. Visit here for more info on permanent cage size requirements for guinea pigs.

How can we help?

Improve CLEANABILITY / Eliminate ODOR-retention

  • Replace the tarp with our Coroplast Base.

    Replace the organic canvas fabric with inorganic plastic for a super-easy-to-clean, no-odor-retention experience. Be able to wipe down your cage with a simple spray solution of half water/half white vinegar. No bacterial buildup. No staining. No need to deconstruct your cage (18 velcro straps) to attempt to launder it. The more you wipe, scrub and wash a tarp, the more you strip its water-resistant coating and the more odors and bacteria are retained.
  • Add a Cagetopia® DINER for Midwest® Cages (Kitchen/Litter area)

    Get a true waterproof litter area for your disposable bedding. The Cagetopia Diner for Midwest Cages uses 1/3 of the cage, has a low lip that your guinea pigs can easily walk or hop over, yet keeps the litter contained. For MAXIMUM effectiveness, get the full Cagetopia Kitchen Suite for Midwest Cages, which includes a Canopy and Backsplash. The Canopy adds a cover to the kitchen area which is the secret sauce for encouraging your guinea pigs to use it. Adding a Hay Rack or Hay Buffet to the Diner completes the very best approach to an optimized solution for easy cage cleaning.
  • Add a set of Cagetopia FLEECE FLIPPERS®.

    Fleece Flippers (found in our sister store, the Guinea Pig Market) will extend the life of the canvas and minimize the amount of urine that is exposed to the tarp. However, any flat, plastic-lined solution will not prevent urine from getting into the corners and sides of the cage. The best solution includes our Diner for their potty area. Couple the Diner with 2 Midwest Fleece Flippers and it's as good as it can be without replacing the canvas.

Make it BIGGER!

  • Do NOT use a Cage Divider!

    Please do not use a cage divider with this cage. A cage divider turns this into a traditional, too-small, pet store-sized cage. Guinea pigs need to be able run laps unencumbered. They should not have to go up or down a ramp to get to their potty area. The Cagetopia® Diner for Midwest® Cages provides an OPEN floor plan with a kitchen/potty area, allowing your guinea pigs complete freedom of their limited cage space.