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Our edgers provide a chew-proof top the edges of Coroplast. They also are just a great cosmetic look. It gives a finished look to the walls, like crown molding or such. 

They come in 14" sections and can be scored and cut to fit. They are snug so they cannot be pulled off with biting. 

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Plastic Edging

These plastic edges make a very tight 'top' to the raw edge of Coroplast. If you have a guinea pig who for whatever reason likes to chew the edge of the coroplast, these are a nice addition to prevent that.

  • Decorative Finish
  • Prevent guinea pigs from chewing the edges

Applying the Edging

  • NEW! Improved for easy installation!
  • Shiny, sleek, slim profile

Recommended quantities for full edging around coroplast base:

  • Jumbo---17
  • XL---15
  • Large---12
  • Medium---11
  • Small---10
  • 2x2 Loft---8
  • 1x2 Loft---6
  • Midwest Coroplast base replacement---12
They all have to be trimmed/cut to the right lengths needed.

Edging Includes

  • (1) 14" long black or white plastic edging for Coroplast.

Select your Options!


  • White
  • Black


Customer Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

Great product!

It has stopped my piggys from chewing on the chloroplast, and is overall a great product.


No Variety


Umm.. this product is great and all but there is no color variety at all! Like black and white only is not variety options. Please, sale these in all the same colors that you sell you coroplast. For my little royal Piggies, cream edges is what they want, and cream edges is what they shall get. Just not from you.


The reason we have black and white is to match to the grid color options. If you find a manufacturer who does more than just black and white in the correct specs as ours, please let us know and we'd be happy to offer them.


Tricky but effective

They are a little tricky to put on at first, but you get the hang of it really quick. They give the coroplast a really nice finished look and keeps my chewers away from it at the same time. Worth the installation effort!

Great finished look on coroplast. Great for chewers

I originally got these for my coroplast edges because I have skinny pigs that have no hair. They protect their fragile exposed skin. Glad I have them even more since one of my pigs is deciding to chew coroplast. They give the coroplast a finished edge that looks sleek and I love them.


Good product but annoying

These are great for covering the coroplast but they are SUPER annoying to put on. And I had to cut some of them to make them fit right. Wish they came in full sizes that fit the coroplast perfectly without needing to cut them or leaving gaps exposing some coroplast.


Theyre good, but I wish they came in various sizes, like full size and half sizes. It left gaps in some places of exposed cloroplast edges. They also can be annoying to put on at first, but then you get the hang of it.

United States

its a good buy

its a little hard to put on

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