About Shipping on the GPC Store

Why is shipping so expensive?

Since January 2015, carriers charge by whichever is higher: dimensional weight or actual weight. For example, the product might only weigh only 4 pounds, but requires a large shipping box. LxWxH divided by 139 determines the "dimensional weight", so if that result is 19 lbs, we're charged for 19 lbs. The rates you're provided on the checkout page takes information directly from the carriers and we pass our discount to the customer.

Shipping is not based on price or value; it's based on weight, size, and distance to travel. With very large orders containing many items, we can often condense boxes to save you money, and we will always refund the difference if that's the case.

Why don't you have Free Shipping?

Because there is no such thing. If you see "Free Shipping" the shipping cost is buried in the product price. We would rather charge a reasonable price for the products, and give you the best possible shipping rate we can rather than hide it in the product price.

How long will it take to get here?

We typically need 1-2 business days to complete your order, and sometimes 3 days depending on the order. Most orders ship the next day. Once it’s completed, the shipping label will be created and you’ll be sent a Fedex or UPS tracking number. If the label was created late in the day, it may not be picked up until the next business day. We ship from CT, and the transit time to your area is shown in the transit map below.

We ship Worldwide!

Email support@guineapigcages.com with the items you want to purchase and we will provide the most cost effective shipping method (either Fedex or USPS).

Canadian shipments: The shipping cost at checkout is for transportation only. UPS will collect the customs broker fee (only $4.00 USD if order subtotal is less than $200 USD) plus customary sales tax (per your province) upon arrival. Tax rate calculator. Broker fee is $25.75 on orders over $200 USD.

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