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Grids & Connectors

grids / cubes
3 review(s)
The SAFE 14 x 14 inch, powder-coated grids with 1.5 inch openings
Price: $1.79

Grid connectors
1 review(s)
Plastic Connectors
Price: $0.34

1/4 round grid
14x14" Quarter Round Grid
Price: $1.99

Quick-detach connector set
2 review(s)
Quick-detach connector sets (4 sets of two)
Price: $11.99

Special Cut Grid for Inset Ramp
14x14" Grid with special cut out for ramp in loft
Price: $2.99

Offset Extension Kit for C&C Cages
Price: $7.99

grids / cubes
Special DOOR grid - provides stability yet access! Use as a door, window or internal support grid
Price: $2.63

Door kit with door grid and hinges for C&C guinea pig cages
Special DOOR KIT - make a door in your C&C Cage
Price: $3.43

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