Price: $67.99

    Cagetopia Small (2x3 grid) single-level, uncovered C&C cage measuring 30"x44" when assembled. We use safe, durable, powder-coated grids (not vinyl), and our Coroplast bases are secured with reusable plastic rivets (not tape). Suitable for 1-2 guinea pigs.

    Item #: CAGE-SM
    Availability: In Stock

    Small Cage Dimensions

    • Interior: 27" x 41" = about 7.5 Square Feet of cage space.
    • Exterior: 30" x 44" when assembled = you will need a table space of about 2.5 feet by 3.75 feet to accommodate this cage.

    Coro Height Options

    • 6" walls on all four sides. This is the perfect height for keeping bedding contained, visibility to pigs, good airflow, and safety.
    • 10" walls on all four sides for Hedgehogs only.
    • 12" long back wall only, three sides are 6". May help keep hay and bedding kickout more contained with active guinea pigs, especially when not using fleece, but generally 6" walls are just fine.

    NOTE: High walls all the way around a cage are not recommended for guinea pigs as it blocks too much airflow as well as your visibility.

    Cage Kit Includes

    • (10) 14" Grids in black or white (powder-coated & SAFE inner holes 1 3/8")
    • (20) Connectors in black or white
    • 4mm Coroplast bottom in your choice of 16 colors!
      The base is pre-cut and pre-scored with pre-punched holes to secure flaps using snap-in plastic rivets (not tape). Coroplast base is creased and folded for shipping, which creates an indented "crush" line. This does not affect the functionality of the cage. It's barely noticeable when fully assembled.
    • Rivets for fastening all coroplast flaps
    • Cable ties that match the grid color. (Using cable ties to reinforce the grid connections helps make the cage extra tight and super secure.)
    • Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos
    • Two-page Guinea Pig Care Sheet

    Please NOTE about the Cage Bottom

    The cage does not have grids on the bottom. They are unnecessary. The cage is designed to sit nicely on a flat surface -- a table top, a desk, the floor (if it's draft-free), etc.

    However, if you desire, you can make a cage stand out of grids. Please see our matching Small Cage Stand if you are interested in a cage stand.

    How many Guinea Pigs will fit in a 2x3?

    • 1-2 guinea pigs. This is the MINIMUM cage size for 1 or 2 guinea pigs. This cage is too small for 3 or more guinea pigs.
    • ONE guinea pig needs at least a 2x3 grid-sized cage. TWO guinea pigs who get along well can also live in this 2x3 grid-sized cage. Although we do recommend a larger cage, this will suffice.
    • The 2 guinea pigs should be a BONDED PAIR. If you have two new males who have not been together yet in a pet home, then in all likelihood, this cage will be too small. Or if you have two guinea pigs who do not get along -- either they bicker all the time or occasionally -- then this cage is too small.
    • This cage size may not be divided to accommodate two guinea pigs who do not get along, nor is it appropriate for separating two guinea pigs of the opposite sex. It is just not big enough for that.

    Guinea Pigs should have a Friend

    Just a note that guinea pigs are a social, herd animal and are happier and healthier in pairs or groups. If you only have one, please consider the best interests of your pet and adopt a same-sex friend.

    Select your Options!

    Coroplast Color:
    • Cream
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Lime
    • Light Blue
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Purple
    • Royal Blue
    • Navy
    • Black
    • Silver/Gray
    • Translucent
    • White

    Grid Color:
    • White
    • Black

    Coro Height:
    • Standard 6" sides
    • Backwall=12" / 3 sides=6"

    Coro bases with 10" walls are NOT returnable and NOT available on LOFTS.

    I KNOW this cage will fit in my space!

    I've read the cage dimensions and have measured my space. GRIDS are 14", NOT a 12" FOOT! For example: 2x4 Grids needs 2.5 x 5 FEET of space.


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 53 Reviews:
    Columbia, SC

    Absolutely love this and will definitely be expanding! Great quality, fast shipping. It looks great.

    When I first got my guineas I tried to save money by making my own C&C cage from grids I ordered on Amazon, cutting and hot-gluing my own Coroplast, and making my own fleece liners. I am a light DIY-er and thought it would be easy and cheaper. It was a terrible idea. Here we are 2 months later and I replaced the cage with this 2x3 from the guinea pig cage store, and have replaced the fleece liners I attempted to make with ones from Etsy. If you are new to the guinea pig world, trust another average DIYer like me... just buy your cage here. It will be easier and cheaper in the long run. The quality is great!


    Happy piggies💕

    way cheaper and more spacious than the cages you get that are advertised for guinea pigs at a pet store. The quality is amazing and it didnt take long for it to arrive. Later down the road, you get another pig or you want more space, they have cage extensions to make it larger instead of having to buy a whole new cage. I had no issues whatsoever. My boys and I are super happy with the extra space they are getting. Super easy to put together. We love this💕 i will definitely be buying more products from you guys💕



    it was really good for my hedgehog. bigger than i thought, about 9 sq. ft. but works great. my hedgie loved it.


    I love this cage for my single piggy and I have absolutely no regrets in buying this product. I 100% reccomend!!!!

    My Boars Love It!

    I used to have a Midwest cage; as nice as that was, the canvas got so distressed from washing. This cage is so easy to clean! I can wipe it with some Nature's Miracle and it is good as new! The grids make it easier to hang their toys and hammock as well. The long grids on their old cage would make things too high or too low. Plus, I can add onto this and switch things up to keep things fresh for my boys! Thank you for making this purchase to easy!


    Great purchase

    Bought this cage for a small area in my house and it worked out perfectly in my space. I later on wish I would have bought a deluxe cage because I ended up ordering a piggy patio. Overall I am very happy with everything and so is my pig.

    Worcester, MA

    Absolutely great!

    I have a male guinea pig who bites and draws blood from any pig I put him with. He was in a tossed together C and C cage I had made myself. and he kept getting out! Anyway, two pregnant girls later I have learned my lesson and got this nifty cage. It's so convenient for one piggy to make their home in. Perfect size. And its very easy to clean, I use fleece so its easy to fold the fleece liners up and spray the coroplast down with a watered down vinegar solution. Relative cheap money, and it was at my house three days, I believe, after I ordered it!


    Love it!!

    I am so happy with this product. Very fast service and shipping. I would have never gotten the measurements right on my own. My piggie love all her space!! Thank you so much!!! Love, love, love it!!!! I ordered the brown cloroplast 2x3 grid size!!! So happy with purchase!!!

    Levittown, PA


    I purchased this cage on Thursday and it came on Saturday! I was expecting a week or two not two days! When everything came, the bag of cable ties and the spacers was broken open and everything was floating around the bottom. I was frustrated with getting all the cable ties out of the bottom. But, after my cage was built, it looked like the picture and I forgot all about the broken bag mishap. Getting to see my two pigs running around in it and popcorning was priceless!

    Columbus, OH


    Perfect size for one pigger! Super easy to set up and looks great. Added the kitchen and going to be really easy clean up. And even better than the product was the service! Sue was AMAZING! Thanks for a great transaction!

    Anchorage, Alaska

    Worth the money!

    I was a little reluctant to purchase this because of the expense of shipping it to Alaska. However, my kids guinea pigs have quickly become another chore for mommy. I found myself constantly cleaning the CareFresh and always felt like the store bought cage was too small. I really like the amount of space this cage gives out 2 guineas. It is so much easier to clean up! I just use a clean dust pan and small broom and walla! I was also a little worried about being able to smell the pee and poo in/on the fleece and have not. I did follow the washing instructions very closely and just washed the fleece twice initially. The guineas seem to run around more and I feel like I am saving money but not burning through so much CareFresh. The large bags here in Anchorage are like $35..overall happy that we transitioned. I definitely like not having CareFresh kicked all over outside the cage too!


    Hedgehog Owners

    I don't own a guinea pig, but I do own a very spoiled little hedgehog. I decided to upgrade her cage and was worried that it wouldn't be big enough. I toyed with getting the medium or large cage, but good lord the small is huge for that little girl.

    The cage was put together by myself in one hour. That's it. The coroplast is already cut to the dimensions you need so you don't have to guess and do the trial and error cutting. It also came with extra pieces and enough zip ties that could last you for five good house moves.

    They shipped mine the next day, it came on the day they said it would, and only took five days.

    North Carolina


    This cage is way roomier than I thought! Obviously I measured floor space before purchasing, but it is better than I expected; more than enough room for my 2 pigs. I am so pleased with the how much room they have, and with how easy it was to put together. I definitely recommend this size cage to anyone who has 2 pigs.
    And the shipping was so fast! Came in about 3 days. A+++

    Colorado Springs, CO.

    Happy Guinea Pig = Healthy Guinea Pig

    We recently rescued our guinea pig, Peanut from someone who wasn't able to care for him. Unfortunately he was kept in a storage tub which is only 1/3 the size of his new 2x3 C&C cage. Having previously owned a C&C cage in the past, I immediately went on C&C Cages' website, which led me here. I was happy to find out I could easily purchase a cage online and have it shipped to my home, rather than trying to find all the supplies myself. And best of all, purchasing it from here was WAY CHEAPER than going out and finding the cubes and coroplast on my own!! (even with the shipping and handling cost) =D
    Peanut LOVES his new home and all the extra space to run and play around in. I haven't seen him popcorn yet, but I know he's a whole lot happier being in an ACTUAL cage, rather than a storage tub.


    My Guinea's love it!

    I purchased two of these one for my two girls guineas and one for my two boy guineas and they love them! the colors and they love the space! They popcorn and run around squeaking. These cages are really nice, and so simple to put together!



    I love this guinea pig cage. It gives our piggy lots of room to play and eat. much better then the cages at the pet stores.


    Great cage!

    We just got our cage today, and baby Mocha loves it!
    Thank you for a great cage, and great service with super fast delivery time.

    Appreciate the convenience

    Thank you so much for selling these c&c cages, I've not the time to find the products on my own, so I really appreciate the help!

    Frolicing Wonderment

    Love this cage!!!! My pigs do too!!! I bought 1 for each of my guineas...they LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! They can Frolic (haha) and play all they want!!!! When my friend and I first got the cages in and were setting them up, we were like, "woa!" i guess we didnt realize how big it was!!!! anyways, great cage for 1 piggy!!!! :3


    Sue, just thank you for a product. My second GP will use with much joy and happiness. This is our second purchase from you. Best wishes.

    SPCA recommends this style

    I've had this cage for about a month and my boys love it! Before getting the C&C enclosure I did some research and even groups like th SPCA recommend this style. After this enclosure arrived and I moved them from the small, temporary cage to this one I saw immediate mood boosts. I have two pigs and the 7.5 sq. ft. seems to do them fine, but I have no doubt that if you can accomodate the larger size then your pigs will love it. If I can ever afford a larger apartment or a house I would love to get a larger one of these and watch my boys go "hog wild."

    The only route to go

    I adopted my single pig last week. I've done plenty of research, so I knew a C & C cage was the only route to go. My shelter pig is very shy, so she initially took her pigloo. On the third day, however, I witnessed popcorning! She has been coming out of her shell a bit more each day. I plan on rescuing another friend for her sometime in the near future. Thanks for making such a fantastic cage, Sue! You were such a pleasure to do business with.

    Easier access to my pig

    I ordered a C&C cage from this site and it arrived way sooner than I expected. It was a snap to put together, and my piggie is so much happier than he was in his pet store cage -- which cost twice as much as a C&C and wasn't nearly as large! He can now see the comings and goings of the household, wheeks all the time, and does laps during the day. He's definitely happier, and so am I. This cage is so much easier to access for removing and returning the pig, as well as for cleaning.

    Love the cage

    So i bought a cage a while back and forgot to write a review and i got to say i absolutely LOVE THIS CAGE!! My cavy is very happy. It's easy too clean very and i use fleece other aspen bedding gave me allergies :-( but using fleece is the way to go im hopin in the future i will adopt him a friend and expand his cage into a mansion lol

    Garbage bin rescue gets new lease on life

    I rescued my first guinea pig from a garbage bin - I was a well meaning but uneducated guinea pig owner. After finding this site, my guinea pigs quality of life has greatly improved. My pigs love their cage - it was a great deal and really easy to put together (honest- if I can do it , anyone can!!)

    C&C Preferred by my pigs

    Just got my cage yesterday, and my two baby piggies LOVED it! I had them in a 30 x 18 temporary cage while I waited to get their new home. Easy assemble. Put them in it and they were squeaking and jumping and exploring. Settled down later and snoozed comfortably. They definitely prefer their new home!

    Helping my lonely boar

    I ordered a 2 by 3 from this site because I didn't have the time to get it from the stores. I just looked at the fleece-version for the cage lining. I'll definitely be trying it because the Carefresh stuff is expensive and messy. I hope I will be able to get more c and c for a second level. I only have one lonely boar so I hope will space will help him cope with partnerlessness. The only thing I negatively await is the spot cleaning of poo daily.

    The only way to go!

    I got my C&C cage set up yesterday afternoon, and my guinea pig, Hannah, immediately fell in love with it! I wish I had known about it when I first got her back in Jan. These habitats are the only way to go, and I STRONGLY recommend everyone go out and get one for their GPs as soon as possible!

    Wish we gotten this first

    I ordered my guinea pig's C&C cage from Sue after I had no luck locating the parts locally to build one. I really wish we had gotten this first instead of making our poor little guy live in one of those cramped "store bought" cages. I paid over $80 for the store bought cage which was 30"x18" and only $60 (with shipping included) for one of Sue's "small" 41"x27" cages. It's almost double the size for $20 less! You'll notice you don't see a guinea pig in the picture. That's because he wore himself out playing in his new C&C Cage and is sleeping in his little hidey house in the back of the cage.

    Only took a week, Ziggy the Piggy loves it.

    Before I decided to get a guinea pig I did a lot of research on them. What I found out was that pet store cages were way too small and very expensive for what you get. I googled homemade guinea pig cages and this site came up. As soon as I got the money I came to this site and ordered a cage and it only took a week to arrive. I did get the guinea pig before the cage came in and for only a few days he was kept in a 20 gallon tank. I know you shouldn't keep them in glass tanks but it was only for 5 days. He hid in his straw hut a lot. The cage came today and he loves it. He is out a lot more. I ordered the light blue coroplast and it is pretty. I know that my cavy Ziggy is much happier.

    Doodles is ecstatic!

    I've been a cavy owner for about 4 months now. When me and my family purchased him, I was completely unaware of how to care for him. After doing much research, one fo the things I came across was that guinea pigs are much happier with large cages. So I decided to purchase one of Sue's cages (which everyone speaks of in high regards) .Today was the day I built it and put everything together (it's very easy; the hardest part is getting an adequate sized table to place it on). After putting Doodles (my cavy) into it, he spent a few minutes exploring it. It was actually kind of cute. Then, for the next five or so minutes, he did nothing but run around and popcorn. I laughed hysterically, because it was the funniest and happiest thing I've seen in some time. I can really tell that Doodles is ecstatic with his new home :-) Right now, he's sleeping, which is rare for him at this hour (7 PM). This is obviously because he's finally able to run and enjoy himself :)

    Very happy with my purchase

    Fast shipping, fast communication via email, great product. The cage was even bigger than I thought! VERY happy with this investment.

    A safe, healthy and affordable alternative

    I knew the 2x2 cage I had my Barney in was not sufficient but didn't know there were alternatives until I foud your site! Thank you for offering such a safe, healthy and affordable alternative to the pet store cage, and for the education about caring for my piggy. Barney scampers, squeals, and gets much more exercise and attention in the open cage.

    Excellent shipping and easy to set up

    I ordered a 2x3 cage on the 14th of Oct and received it today(21st)!! Excellent shipping time and easy to setup! Sugar immediately started popcorning which totally made my day! This website ( has helped me with SO much with my new guinea!! Thanks so much!! I would definitely recommend C&C cages to all guinea pig owners!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

    Pigs love it!

    I have a wonderful C&C cage for my two piggies, and they LOVE it! Everyday they popcorn and wheek while they run and explore. When I adopted my second guinea pig the old owners had him in a pet store cage, which they gave to me. At first I didn't want it but then I saw photos of other cages utilizing the bad cage! So now my pigs have a "kitchen" where their food and water are as well as hay -- it really helps keep the rest of the cage cleaner longer. My pigs love their C&C cage!

    Enjoyable to watch now

    My little Frankie was living in a 2x2 sq ft. petstore cage and he couldn't really be that active in there. I felt like he was living in a litterbox. I had a tough time locating the coroplast locally so I finally ordered the 2x3 grid kit from Sue. The first night I could tell he was SOO happy. Running around, wheeking, and then realizing he can plop down and stretch out for a catnap wherever he wants. :) It's so enjoyable to watch and I'm so happy I did it! He moves about his new home bubbling and happy!

    Professional-looking, great alternative

    I've owned my guinea pig for just about two months now (got him from a friend who couldn't take care of him anymore) and he came to me in a 2x2 particlewood box. Very difficult to clean, not ventilated at all, and just plain ugly. I realized it was much too small, and so I bought a C&C cage as soon as I could. It's SUCH an improvement! Very very roomy, very professional-looking despite the materials used, and those who have the resources can even build one themselves! Overall a very great pet store cage alternative. I love it, and I'm sure my guinea pig will, too :) Keep up the great work, Sue! I couldn't be happier with the cage :)

    The Small is Big! Love it!

    When I first got him, he lived in a 10 gallon aqurium for about 4 days. I got my small C&C Cage today, and I love it, and so does Caden! I thought it would be small, but its super big, and its a Small!!!!!! Caden nows runs around and jumps in his cage because he's so happy. I also plan on saving up my money to get him a friend. Buy a cage from here ASAP!! I love this website & cage!!!

    Highly recommend

    I adopted my two girls from the Animal Rescue league and they were together in a normal sized cage and not very happy. Thank goodness for Sue, I bought a cage big enough for my two girls. It was so easy to put together and they just love it :) I would highly recommend this site to anyone that owns piggies or are thinking about getting one, two or three. Thank you so much for this concept !

    Easy and she loves it

    We just got our C&C from Sue. It's great! Thank you so much, Sue. It was easy to put together and our Guinea Pig, Cookie loves it.

    Room to play and I learned a lot

    My piglet and I love her new cage. She was in a small one, and now has room to play. I've added more toys and she's so much happier! I'm going to add a second floor for her soon. I learned alot about my piggie from this site! Thanks ever so much!

    Happy piggers

    Hi Everyone! I've owned guineas since I was 11 years old. I'm 48 now, and I can't believe how things have changed for our piggies! I have 3 guinea pigs: 2 females, Peaches and Sylvette, who live in a plastic wading pool with pads and fleece, and 1 male, Herbie, also pads and fleece. They all live in our living room. The C&C cage is dearly loved by our little rescue piggy, Herbie. Its about the same size as our wading pool for the girls. We love our C&C cage. Piggies are finally having their day! Its high time everyone discovered what marvelous pets they are. Hope all your guineas live long, healthy lives everybody!

    Love it

    Love the cage, easy to assemble! We love it, easy to interact with our piggy.

    Service was great, Kit is fantastic!

    When I first read the testimonials, I thought that maybe they were exaggerating, but after just a month with our new C&C cage, me and my piggy have never been happier! The change in his mood was almost immediate! And he still popcorns and wheeks more to this day. The C&C cage also makes it easier for us to interact, as well as making cleaning and floor-time easier. The service from the site was great, and the kit itself was fantastic! We're already thinking of expanding! I really just can't say enough. Thanks so much!

    Remarkable change in behavior

    We just received the new pen yesterday, and already we notice a remarkable change in our pig's behavior. He is more chatty, he runs laps and leaps straight up in the air. I bought the cage from Sue and the assembly instructions were excellent. Thanks so much!

    No more fight wounds

    I love my new cage! in my old cage i could hear my pigs fight. I could see wounds on one of my pigs. Since we got the new cage they get along great! A quick and easy way to clean the cage id to purchase a small special vaccum called a shock vac, it can vaccum up mouisture so the guinea pig urine dosent damage it.

    Pet store cages pale in comparison!

    Ordered my cage from Sue and received it yesterday. It was simple to put together and my piggies love it!!!!!!! They run and popcorn around like im thinking of adding on....upper level maybe? These cages really are the way to go with piggies...simple...easy to clean...and room for the piggies to really excercise and play. The pet store cages are pathetic in comparison and I paid more for my petstore cage then I did my C and C cage.

    Sue is sooo helpful!

    My piggie was given to me as a xmas present and all I had at the time was a 20 gal long tank. I hated it and so did my piggie.. until I ordered 2 3X2 kits and made a double decker cage now my piggie is happier than a pig in :-0 not proper to say that :-) but thanks to Sue and her help and the speed at which the stuff came.. C&C is the best!! Will be ordering 2 2X3.5 kits & 40+ xtra grids in the next 2 months to build 2 bunny cages from Sue.. wouldn't go anywhere else :-}

    Your C&C Cages are the Best

    Sue's cages from C&C cages are the best. They are big, easy to put together. This cage was an excellent value. I looked every where locally, and could not find anything that was close to her design and locally they were more expensive. Sue was extremely helpful. She gave many websites to go to in order to learn about guinea pigs, including this website ( On one website she recommended, they recommended the veternarian tha I had already picked. The cage came in a timely mannar, with no problems. I know our guinea pigs that we will adopt will love the cage as much as we do. Buy a C&C cage today!

    Very satisfied, thanks, Sue!

    We are very satisfied with the cavy cage we purchased off this website. I have owned cavies for about 5 years. I have only 2/8 of my pigs left. I have two girls and they LOVE their new cage. We got it February 2, 2007. The behavior change is amazing! I bought one who I believe was abused, because she would not come out of her hut with people around, since I put her and her bestfriend another pig in their new cage, she has been very happy and loves life now. Thanks Sue for the cage. :-) Our pigs will love it for many years to come!

    For my Hedgie

    I purchased a 3x2 cage for my hedgehog. The extra space and easy access are amazing, and the new cage is making my hedgie very happy.

    Endless possibilities! Love it!

    Haven't taken a picture yet, but the cage is awesome!!! The pigs love all the additional space and the possibilities for expansion are endless.... Thanks for a fantastic item!!!

    Awesome Value, Happy Pigs

    When I first got my guinea pigs they were babies and living in the small cage my cousin gave them to me in. I planned to get them a larger cage when they got bigger. They grew fast and were ready for a bigger cage. They were lethargic and seemed generally bored or disatisfied in their small cage home. I started browsing the internet for a good deal on a huge cage. I found Sue's cages and was amazed at the size you could get for the price she was asking. I had read that guinea pigs need a lot of space to be happy and healthy, so I bought her C&C cage. Now after living in their new cage for a week my piggies are running, hopping, chattering, and playing all sorts of active games. I've never seen them so happy and energetic. The ease of assembly and affordability makes buying a C&C cage from Sue the best way to go in my opinion. Basil and Elliot love their new home!!

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