Return Policy for the Guinea Pig Cages Store

Was there a problem with your order?

If we made a mistake or missed something on your order, please contact, and we will correct it immediately at no cost to you. Please inspect your order as soon as possible and notify us of any issues within 2 days after delivery.

Please note: Minor cosmetic flaws are not considered mistakes and as such are not replaced free of charge.

Note: You may have received unexplained pieces of colored coroplast in your box. They are not part of your order; they’re used for packing. You can recycle it, repurpose it, or make something fun for your guinea pigs.

#1 Reason for returns? “It’s too big!” (This is the reason we require you to check the box saying “Yes, I’ve measured my space and it fits.”) However, there’s a way to save yourself time and money by reducing the cage to a smaller size if absolutely necessary. Contact for information.

#2 Reason: You mistakenly think the Coroplast is cardboard. It isn’t. It’s all plastic, super durable, and will last indefinitely.

#3 Reason: You mistakenly think the cage is not durable enough for your guinea pig or won’t last. Our cages have been used by hundreds of thousands of guinea pigs for over 20 years—some still going strong for over 10 years.

Our Return Policy

AT THIS TIME we are NOT accepting returns due to Covid and our normal return policies below do not apply.

Please contact with your name and order number to obtain a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number prior to returning. You will be given an RMA# and return address by email. Returns must be received back within 14 days of receipt. Orders received back without an RMA will not be refunded. Refused deliveries will not be refunded.

You are responsible for the return shipping costs to us. Be sure to get a tracking number. Carriers often pad the dimensions of the box which increases the shipping cost, so measure the box yourself prior to bringing it to the carrier of your choice.

We are not responsible for packages that are returned damaged or lost.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your order is received back in sellable condition, you will be credited the price of the products -- less any shipping charges, discounts given, and restock. If you don’t see your refund within a week after we receive it, please contact us. We may not have received it yet, so please contact us to be sure.

Restock Fees & Eligibility

  • 15% restocking fee on all items. 
  • The two Coroplast sheet products -- (Coroplast Sheet - 5 pcs 29x48) and (Full Sheet of Coroplast - Thirds) -- are not returnable.
  • Products must be in original, unused, odor-free, unassembled condition and must be free of hair, hay, perfume, or smoke. If the products show any type of use, it will void the refund. Please don't spend the money to ship it back if there was an animal in the cage (we can tell!). Do NOT wipe down the cage with anything except plain water.

Packing Contents for Return

IMPORTANT: If the contents were haphazardly placed in the box causing damage, we reserve the right to assess a higher restock fee at our discretion. So it's to your benefit to read and follow all instructions carefully to be sure it's properly packed for transit.

GRIDS: Secure all the grids tightly. If they are not properly fastened together, it will cause damage to the contents and void the return. Use string, rope, fabric strips, cable ties...anything. Be sure they are FIRMLY secured to each other and use the original (or similar) cushioning between the grids and the coroplast to avoid damage.

COROPLAST: The Coroplast arrived to you with the "fold" side towards the bottom or side. Do not bend the Coroplast if it is resistant. If you are unsure how to fold it properly, please contact for more information. Do not put any grids between the folded coroplast base.