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Cagetopia C&C Ramp for guinea pig cages - blue
Reinforced Cage Ramp
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Proven strong - reinforced cage ramp!We invented the Reinforced Cage Ramp design! Others copy it, but our version is specially formulated! Our ramp is shipped flat to you. Before you put it in your cage, you simply fold up the sides. Our sides contain 4 strong wires that have been inserted into the coroplast flutes. These four wires give great strength to the ramp structure.Our reinforcing wires are of a gauge and strength which we procure and cut specifically to maximize the strength of the...

Replacement Ramp Carpet
Replacement Carpet for the Ramp
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Carpet Replacement for our 26" x 5" wide Reinforced Coroplast RampOur industrial-grade carpet holds up well to piggy use. It needs to be washed occasionally.

Piggy Back Ramp in blue
Two panel "Piggyback" Ramp connected by clear gripper hinge
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Proven strong - reinforced cage ramp! We invented the Piggyback Ramp design! Two-panel set with one 6.25" clear gripper hinge you can change out for other ramp panel colors, or attach to the side. No wires in the flutes, they're strong enough on their own. Great for laying right over the coroplast wall to allow piggy to exit for floor time. Easy transition from one C&C to another OR from a Midwest cage to C&C without having to cut the cage walls. Panels available separately to "Piggyback" onto...