Order & Shipping FAQs

Coronavirus Update

First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy, staying safe, and hanging in there in this challenging time. As of now, we are continuing to operate and ship daily. We are a small, close-knit operation and everyone here is abiding by the strictest of standards set forth by experts to create a safe space. We're just about caught up on our order backlog and are processing orders within a few days, but that could change, so please check the home page for any updates.

Take good care of yourself, your piggies, and those around you, you're in our hearts and minds.

Shipping & Unboxing

All our products are made-to-order. Depending on our workload, we may ship your order the same day or we may need up to 4 business days. Most are shipped within 1-2 business days. When unusual circumstances cause delays to our normal processing, we do our best to note them on the site, usually at the top of the page and/or at checkout.

As soon as your order is made and prepped for shipping, we’ll make the shipping label, and you’ll then receive the tracking number by email. You may not be able to track it right away until it’s picked up and scanned. So give it at least a few hours to begin tracking it.

Sorry, we cannot. All products are made to order. Most orders ship in 1-2 business days, but we may need up to 4 business days depending on various factors. Because of this lead time and high carrier costs of expediting large boxes, we do not offer expedited shipping. Please plan accordingly if you are purchasing time-sensitive gifts.

Unfortunately, we are unable to combine shipping for Cages Store and Market orders. The Market store ships from Michigan and the Cages store ships from Connecticut, so it is physically impossible. We definitely would if we could.

Please contact us within two days of a non-delivery so we can start a trace with the carrier. The longer you wait to report a lost or damaged package to us, the harder it is to trace it. The first thing to do is look everywhere you can: side porch, garage, carport and ask all family members -- even neighbors if they live close. If it's an apartment, the driver may have left it with the building manager.

A trace investigation takes up to 8 business days, but rest assured, once the investigation is completed and it's declared lost, we will file a claim and ship you a replacement. Depending on the circumstancers, we will typically send you a replacement prior to the completion of the investigation.

Our cage orders sometimes ship in TWO boxes. Frequently, one box will arrive before the other. Sometimes the carrier will even mark the whole order as shipped when they've only delivered one box. If you aren't sure from the tracking notice if this was a two-box shipment or not, please contact us and we'll let you know.

If this was a one-box order which you received with items missing, have you double-checked inside the box? The Coroplast can get stuck inside as can the plastic bag that contains the paperwork and small parts.

Are you missing GRIDS or CONNECTORS?

If so, please COUNT for us the TOTAL number of grids and total number of connectors that you received, even if you've already assembled or partially assembled your cage. We need the total number you DID receive in order to really determine what is missing. More often than not, something was assembled according to what made sense rather than according to directions and this helps us figure it all out.

Also, please unpack the grids (cut the zip ties holding them together) before assuming something is missing, especially a specialty grid. Specialty grids and other items may be tucked inside.

We take great care packaging your order for transit. However, occasionally the carriers are a bit rough with the packages. Please notify us immediately if your box arrives damaged, and send us photos of the damaged box. Evidence of the damage is very important to us for filing a claim with the carrier for any missing items in the shipment. Open the box and take inventory of the items. Sometimes even when the box is damaged, the contents might be fine, but still notify us asap. If any items are missing or damaged, we will replace them at no charge.

We may use extra cut pieces of Coroplast as PACKING MATERIAL. It actually works great for helping to keep the contents more secure and safe. You can recycle, repurpose, or make something fun for your piggies.


In summary, if we made a mistake on your order, we will take care of it at no cost to you. Minor cosmetic flaws are not considered 'mistakes.'

AT THIS TIME we are NOT accepting returns due to Covid and our normal return policies below do not apply.

If you want to return a product for other reasons, please review our return policy and please contact us first for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Please note we do not refund shipping in either direction if we are not at fault and we have a 15% restocking fee. We do not resell returns at full price. We have to put them on clearance at discounted prices.

Was there a problem with your order?

If we made a mistake or missed something on your order, please contact support@guineapigcages.com, and we will correct it immediately at no cost to you. Please inspect your order as soon as possible and notify us of any issues within 2 days after delivery.

#1 Reason for returns? “It’s too big!” (This is the reason we require you to check the box saying “Yes, I’ve measured my space and it fits.”) However, there’s a way to save yourself time and money by reducing the cage to a smaller size if absolutely necessary. These ARE the best cages for your guinea pigs, let us help you. Contact support@guineapigcages.com for assistance.

#2 Reason: You mistakenly think the Coroplast is cardboard and not durable enough. It isn’t cardboard. It’s plastic, super durable, and will last indefinitely. Please see our Cages & Cavy FAQ page for more info about Coroplast. C&C cages have been used by hundreds of thousands of guinea pig owners for over 20 years.

#3 Reason: You thought the cage should have arrived assembled. These are cage kits. The cages are too big to be shipped assembled. Assembled they are the size of a piece of furniture and would require a commercial freight truck for delivery. If you are new to C&C cages, assembly is easier than it looks!

#4 Reason: You are bothered by the simple crease in the long walls from the fold of the coroplast. It is just cosmetic, very minor and absolutely required in order to ship a C&C cage at all. There is no getting around it and nobody does a better, more professional job in minimizing its appearance than we do. Once the grids are up with everything in place, you won't even notice it anymore.

Our Return Policy

Please contact support@guineapigcages.com with your name and order number to obtain a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number prior to returning. You will be given an RMA# and return address by email. Returns must be received back within 14 days of receipt. Orders received back without an RMA will not be refunded. Refused deliveries will not be refunded.

You are responsible for shipping the product back to us. We do not refund shipping in either direction if we were not at fault. Please note, subjective esthetics (how something looks to you --not liking a color, for example) do not constitute faults.

Be sure to get a tracking number. Carriers often pad the dimensions of the box which increases the shipping cost, so measure the box yourself prior to bringing it to the carrier of your choice.

We are not responsible for packages that are returned damaged or lost.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your order is received back in sellable condition, you will be credited the price paid for the products -- net of any shipping charges, discounts given, and restocking fees. If you don’t see your refund within a week after we receive it, please contact us. We may not have received it yet, so please contact us to be sure.

Restock Fees & Eligibility

  • 15% restocking fee on all items. If the box was never opened, we may waive the restocking fee upon inspection.
  • The two Coroplast sheet products -- (Coroplast Sheet - 5 pcs 29x48) and (Full Sheet of Coroplast - Thirds) -- are not returnable.
  • Products must be in original, unused, odor-free, unassembled condition and must be free of hair, hay, perfume, and smoke. If the products show any type of use, it will void the refund. Please don't spend the money to ship it back if there was an animal in the cage (we can tell!). Do NOT wipe down the cage with anything except plain water.

Packing Contents for Return

IMPORTANT: If the contents were haphazardly placed in the box causing damage, we reserve the right to assess a higher restocking fee at our discretion. So it's to your benefit to read and follow all instructions carefully to be sure it's properly packed for transit.

GRIDS: Secure all the grids tightly. If they are not properly fastened together, it will cause damage to the contents and void the return. Use string, rope, fabric strips, cable ties...anything. Be sure they are FIRMLY secured to each other and use the original (or similar) cushioning between the grids and the coroplast to avoid damage.

COROPLAST: The Coroplast arrived to you with the "fold" side towards the bottom or side. Do not bend the Coroplast if it is resistant. If you are unsure how to fold it properly, please contact support@guineapigcages.com for more information. Do not put any grids between the folded coroplast base.

While we provide dimensions everywhere on the product pages and ask you to confirm that you've measured your space to make sure it will fit before you buy, we know sometimes it's just bigger than you had planned.

C&C cages are fairly easy to trim down so they're smaller. Please contact us for proper guidance, because returning or exchanging a cage will be expensive for you (shipping and the restocking fee), and we're happy to provide tips.


Due to factors including measurement complexities, time constraints, and coroplast limitations, we are no longer able to accommodate custom requests. Please keep in mind that our add-ons (such as lofts, ramps, covers, kitchens and patios, etc.) are designed for standard sizes only--as are most other products out there. So, it can be a good idea for future products to stick with standard layouts.

We do offer a large variety of coroplast base sizes that can be modified to suit your plan. Be sure to click on the details and the "what's included" tab for specific dimensions. We have multiple options for coroplast sheets as well.

Our forum is another great resource which has a very large member base and large photo gallery of possible designs. Here are basic how-to instructions for cutting Coroplast.

We typically place one product or category on sale each month. The coupon code will be on the home page. We’ll always announce the monthly sale and the code on the home page and on our newsletter.

We are not in any way affiliated with online coupon code websites, so please don’t assume those are valid.

The 10% off code you receive by email after you place a $65+ order on Guinea Pig Cages Store is to use for your first order on our sister store, www.GuineaPigMarket.com, so you can outfit your new cage.

Please make sure your order is right! Let us help you if you have any doubts. Please contact us before you place the order.

A 3% cancellation fee will apply on any cancellations to your order -- including a partial cancellation or refund as our merchant processor no longer reimburses transaction fees on any money we refund to you.

Any cancellation received AFTER a SHIPPING NOTICE has been sent (assuming it hasn't left the building yet) will be charged at 15% RESTOCKING FEE.


Please email us IMMEDIATELY at support@guineapigcages.com with your name, order number and complete change request, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Please let us know IMMEDIATELY of any shipping address error or change.

We MAY or MAY NOT be able to change it. If we can catch it before it ships, we can change the address.

If it's already shipped AND we can update UPS and Fedex in time before it's delivered, they charge $16.40 to correct an in-transit address. We are not responsible for incorrect or invalid addresses. This fee is passed on to you.

This is why it’s very important to review your Order Confirmation email which you will receive immediately after submitting your order. If you do not receive an order confirmation, please check your spam folder and then contact us right away as you may have incorrectly entered your email address.

The fastest way to get your order entered is to enter it on our website. However, if you are unable to place an online order, we can take your order on the phone. We just need to SCHEDULE the call as we are a small company and we all wear many hats.

It’s best to ask all questions through our contact-us form so we can provide the necessary information and links to properly answer your inquiries. Once you’ve decided on your sizing and colors, we can then agree on a time for the call, and take your order on the phone.


If you choose PayPal as your payment method, your emailed order confirmation will show “awaiting payment” status. Once your payment is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation directly from PayPal indicating payment was received. Your order status will then change to Paid, but you won’t receive another email from the Guinea Pig Cage Store.

You are probably trying to enter the Gift Certificate as a Coupon Code. Gift Certificates are a PAYMENT TYPE, not a coupon code. Choose "Gift Certificate" at check out, instead of Credit Card. After you apply the Gift Certificate and you want to apply the balance to a credit card, please go to the Credit Card section and choose "Split Payment" and proceed from there.

Please note, if you do a SPLIT PAYMENT, please make sure the order is paid in full and it gets marked as 'PAID.' Even one penny short will leave the order as an open order and it won't process any payments and it won't get into our production queue.

This is typically caused an ADDRESS or NAME MISMATCH on billing address of the credit card you are using as compared to the billing address entered on the order. They need to match or the system thinks it's fraud. Please double-check this, even though you THINK it's fine. Have you moved at all? Are you using someone else's card and you are just assuming that they have their billing address entered correctly?

THEN, if you CONTINUE TRYING with the WRONG information, even if you correct it, you've now triggered the other problem of trying too many times with bad info and your credit card company will now flag your account and even if you correct it, it will no longer go through. You'll need to contact your credit card company and let them know it's okay OR try a new card.

Contact us if you can't get it to go through. We'll help sort it out.