Coroplast Sheets on Clearance

We cut a lot of Coroplast for a huge variety of cage sizes and purposes. Not all of it gets used up. When we have end cuts available, we post them for sale here.

If we don't have any listed, then we've been bought out of them and don't have any new ones accumulated yet.

When we do, these are not full sheets or large enough to make a complete cage. These pieces must be taped together if you want to construct a cage out of our leftover pieces. Of course they can be used for all kinds of creative projects as well!

Also, the pieces have one score in them for shipping, but that is generally fine for constructing cages. You just put that on the bottom or outside. Without that, they would not be able to be shipped because the carriers do not accept box sizes that big.

Not all colors are available in our clearance pieces, it just depends on what we have.

Coroplast Sheets

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Coroplast sheets for making guinea pig cages - shipped SPAD
FOUR 29" x 48" Coroplast scored in half *Not Returnable*
Retail: $27.00
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Item #: CORO-4PCS -

These 4 sheets are each roughly 29" wide and 48" long and are scored in half for shipping. You will receive FOUR sheets, EACH sheet being 29x48 inches and 4mm (same thickness we use for the cages). NOTE that size may vary slightly and edges may not be perfect. Great for signs, Coroplast bases for cages, SPAD (Simple Plastic Airplane Design), and any number of school and home projects. *Not Returnable* Only colors that are available are the ones listed. If you'd like a specific color, use our...

Coroplast Sheet for shipping
Full sheet of Coroplast, cut in thirds, scored and folded for shipping
Availability: In Stock

USES: Guinea Pig Cages, of course, and projects—show us yours! School and craft projects including tri-fold display board for Invention Convention events and similar. SPAD (Special Plastic Airplane Design) Outdoor signs for garage sales, fund raising, sporting events, and parking Ballot, suggestion, and storage boxes Theater set construction and background and props Drawer and shelf liners Ground protection work surface for home and auto repair Floor, wall, and countertop protection during...