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    Made from Cagetopia Standard Grids and Cagetopia Door Grids. This can expand into any shape -- circle, square, rectangle -- and adapt to irregular locations. If you have a wall or a corner to use, this can give you all the more to block off for their Camp Cavy!

    This opens up to a little over 16 square feet of space or the equivalent of a 2x6 or a 3x4 grid cage. The inner ring is a 2x2 grid area (or 5+ square feet). The inner alternating door grids are the secret sauce to making this a fantastic playground setup for your guinea pigs.

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    The Portable Piggy Play Center

    • Opens up to 16-20 square feet of play space, the more circular, the more space.
    • Includes an inner ring of 5-6 square feet of space, the more circular, the more space.
    • Alternating Internal Door Grids create a great inside track for running zoomies.
    • They can stay close on the inside area until they feel brave enough to explore further.
    • If you have it covered and supervised outdoors, it's easy to move it around as the sun changes.
    • The smaller inner circle gives a greater sense of security and familiarity.

    What's Included

    • 14 Cagetopia Standard Grids for the outer ring.
    • 4 Cagetopia Standard Grids + 4 Cagetopia Door Grids for the inner ring.
    • Cable ties
    • 4 Black Binder Clips to secure the circle

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