International Shipping Information

We ship to US and CANADA ONLY now

Outside of the US and Canada, freight forwarders can be an economical and practical shipping solution. There are some additional conditions to be aware of when using a freight forwarder. Please be aware that we use the term freight forwarder as a broad definition to include actual companies that specialize in freight forwarding as well as friends or family who live in the United States and are willing to ship packages to you

If the freight forwarder you are using has a US address and you subsequently request that the items be exported outside of the US, you or your freight forwarder are considered the exporter and must comply with all export and import regulations. This includes all U.S. export regulations and the import regulations of the destination country. Guinea Pig Cages Store or CCCages, LLC must not be listed on any export documentation including but not limited to export declarations and invoices.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs after your shipment has been delivered to your freight forwarder. This means we will not refund or provide a replacement for any merchandise that has been exported beyond the original delivery address. To minimize this risk, you should instruct freight forwarders to refuse any shipments that arrive damaged.

All sales through a freight forwarder are considered final and nonreturnable.

Can I use a Freight Forwarder?

Yes. However, keep in mind the shipping address you use for the order is our end user. If there’s a problem or damage or any other issue with your order, we can only replace as far as the address you entered on the order.


You can order directly on the website. All Canadian orders ship via UPS Standard. You will receive a UPS tracking number when the order ships.

Keep in mind all PRICES and Costs listed are in USD and are not converted to Canadian dollars until it shows up on your credit card or paypal account.

Shipping cost at checkout is in USD and is for transportation only.

UPS will collect customary sales tax (HST or GST/PST per your province) at the time of delivery as well as the customs/broker fee ($10.00 USD if order subtotal is under $200 USD.) The Broker Fee is $25.75 USD on orders over $200 USD plus 2.7%. Keep in mind all USD funds will be converted to CAD funds.

You can contact UPS 800-PICKUPS to pay the fees prior to delivery.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to change or cancel your order. Once your order has been picked up, it is en route to Canada and cannot be changed, cancelled or intercepted. Canadian orders are not returnable.

Can you combine my Cage Store and Market order?

Our sister site, Guinea Pig MARKET (fleece bedding and accessories) also ships worldwide. You can order directly and check out normally on Guinea Pig Market without having to first obtain a shipping quote because the box sizes are more traditional. Unfortunately, we cannot combine Cage Store orders with Guinea Pig Market. We would if it were possible.