Our Amazing Next Chapter is a Complete Remodel!

We are rolling out a series of wonderful improvements in products and capabilities. As we work with new partners in our supply chain, we need to adapt to short disruptions in the availability of some of our custom components – but all of them are expected to reach full availability by mid-Summer.

You’ve always been able to rely on us as your go-to trusted source for leadership in innovative guinea pig cage designs and unwavering standards for product quality, and that’s never changing – so please be patient as we complete this transition without compromising on the high standards that we all value and rely upon.

C&C Cages are not created equally

It used to be that grids and Coroplast were basically the same. No longer. C&C Cages (Cubes and Coroplast) has become a generic term and many people assume that any C&C cage is compatible with any other C&C cage. That's far from true anymore. Virtually all grid manufacturers are now slightly different from all others. Don't be misled by 'size' alone, for example, thinking that any 14" grid will work with any other 14" grid. Compatibility depends on grid size, grid gauge, connector separator spacing, and connector design. All influence whether one cage will work with another brand of the same general size.

Temporary grid change

The transition has needed to happen faster than we initially planned, so we are in a TEMPORARY out-of-stock situation on most of our key components until they arrive later this summer. 

Since we can't let our customers languish without at least a basic cage, we have -- temporarily, brought the Whitmor brand grids in stock until we receive our new, high-quality grids and components. Back in the day, C&C cages started with the Whitmor brand as they and the NIC (Neat Idea Cubes brand, now defunct), were pretty much all that was available. The 14" Whitmor grids are the best commercially available grids, all things considered. But even so, the wire gauge (and therefore quality) is slightly less than our Cagetopia grids. So, please be aware that when we get our new products back in stock, there will be some differences to adjust to. But, being the innovators that we are, we've come up with a nice little way to adapt a Whitmor grid to a Cagetopia connector. More on that later.

So, grids are a short-term pain point for us. BUT, we have many other exciting, positive changes planned that will make it all worth it!

Fun things coming!

We wouldn't be going through this challenging transition if we couldn't bring you the NEXT LEVEL of an awesome guinea pig cage for you and your piggies to enjoy. Here some of the key changes:


  • No more CRUSH MARKS! We'll be working with a company with deep expertise in shipping coro.
  • Reduced packing errors -- our new system should help ensure you get exactly what you need when you need it.


  • Fast shipping -- we weren't slow before, but we'll be turning around orders very quickly once we get in our groove.
  • Centralized shipping -- it was great if you were in the Northeast, but it was a lengthy haul across the country for our West Coast customers. So, our two biggest states in sales volume (CA & TX) will see their orders faster as we'll be shipping from Texas.
  • Best shipping rates possible -- shipping is always a challenge, but we hope to bring you reduced shipping costs.

Existing Product Improvements

  • Some products have needed adjustments, they'll be rolling out over time.

New Products Coming

  • We have a backlog of new items that we are excited to bring you that we will be rolling out over time.


  • This is SO EXCITING! We will be PRINTING the Coro. It's colorfast and gorgeous! Right now we are simply replicating the existing color offering, but we have some really great things coming up. So, stay tuned!

Please bear with us

We may have a few bumps along the road as we work through these changes. But, rest assured, our stellar customer service continues as before and we will do our utmost to provide you with the best guinea pig cage available. We really appreciate your support over all these years. That support, in turn, has allowed us to continue with our altruist work with other non-profit, community-based sites and activities. 

What can I buy NOW?

If an item is not available for purchase right now, the stock status will indicate the approximate time-frame. If it says, "Coming Soon", it will be within a couple of weeks. We have the main C&C basic cage and coro items available to sell. We'll be adding back the Midwest items soon. If it says "Backordered," it's because that item requires parts or grids that are due in later this summer. 

For a quick list of what we have AVAILABLE NOW -- SHOP HERE!

The Guinea Pig Market is Ready to Serve You!

Our sister store, The Guinea Pig Market, continues to complement ALL of our cage offerings (old or new) for a truly custom setup by providing fleece bedding, cage liners, fleece flippers, cozies, hideys, plush beds, potty pads, toys, and more, with their dizzying assortments of colors and lovable pattern designs! Please support our custom handmade products and US-based seamstresses (instead of the factory-produced products from China that so many of our competitors offer)!

Cagetopia Team meeting as 3 guinea pigs illustration

Cagetopia Creations

Enjoy Cagetopia's latest creative cage setups that bring joy, health and happiness to you and yours.

Duplex Living

by on Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Duplex Living Cagetopia C&C cage
Duplex Living

Two herds, two cages -- offset and stacked. A Large (2x4 grid) Cage & an XL (2x5 grid) Cage with a smaller footprint than side-by-side.

Back to Basics

by on Thursday, September 15, 2022
Back to Basics

A strong foundation with proper grids and cage walls, engineering and construction, matters greatly. Go the Cagetopia Way!

Piggy Penthouse

by on Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Piggy Penthouse

Take style to the next level with an offset, stacked penthouse. Features 2 Small (2x3 grid) Cages & a Piggy Patio (a 3x3-grid space)

20/20 Cagetopia Outlook

by on Tuesday, December 31, 2019
20/20 Cagetopia Outlook

Re-imagine cavy comfort with our modular cages! Cagetopia makes it easy to add, extend and upgrade cages to adapt for you.

Cavy Sleigh Ride

by on Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Cavy Sleigh Ride

Share winter magic with our 2x4-grid C&C Cage, featuring our Wide Loft Loop and a drop-down wall for easier access than ever!

Cavy Cornucopia

by on Friday, November 1, 2019
Cavy Cornucopia

Give thanks for piggies with our spacious 2x5-grid C&C Cage, featuring our Piggy Perch for playful zoomies around the cage!

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