Cagetopia Creations

Enjoy Cagetopia's latest creative cage setups that bring joy, health and happiness to you and yours.

Cavy Romantasy

Cavy Romantasy
Love in Cavy Land!

Create your own guinea pig fairy tale in a life well lived in a Creative Cagetopia habitat.

Cavy Raceway

Cagetopia Cavy Raceway
Ready, Set, Zoomie!

Maximize your piggy's zoomie space in this 2x4 multilevel racetrack. Up, down, and around!

Cavy Club House

Cavy Club House
All kinds of fun in the Cavy Club House!

All can be happy in the Cavy Club House. Great enrichment for your piggies!

Bump Loft!

Cagetopia Bump Out Loft
Pop Out Your Piggy Loft

Add on to your Narrow Loft, whether it's one or two ramps and max out your piggies' living space.

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Cagetopia Team meeting as 3 guinea pigs illustration