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Need to separate your guinea pigs? This is the versatile solution. The “Wall Of Silence” Cage Divider comes with 3 Standard Grids that can be placed in the connectors or cable-tied mid-grid and a Coroplast insert that can be used as needed.

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An Adaptable Cage Divider

The Wall of Silence can be used in a Jumbo cage to separate guinea pig groups or pairs and used with or without the coroplast insert based on behavioral needs. It can be installed mid-grid using cable ties. Coroplast height allows for appropriate airflow.

  • Separating males from females
    In trying to access the females, males may bite on the bars pretty incessantly in their desire to access the females. The Wall of Silence blocks their visual stimulation, as well as some of the female's scent. It is also recommended that 2 extra grids (not included here) be installed horizontally over the top to prevent males from climbing or jumping over the divider to get to the females.
  • Separating squabbling males
    You can remove the Coroplast and use only the grids when interactions are peaceful.
  • Separating babies and mother from a fertile male
    With guinea pigs under 3 weeks old, you can allow the babies to go back and forth between the father and mother through the divider grid holes until they are too old or too big, whichever comes first.

"I coined the term "Wall of Silence" for separating guinea pigs in a divided cage. I used this often in my rescue. I always had my "Wall of Silence" standing nearby for either emergency or semi-permanent use.

... Teresa Murphy, Cavy Spirit Guinea Pig Rescue

NOTE: DO NOT USE this cage divider in less than a JUMBO cage on a PERMANENT basis. The absolute minimum cage size for one or more guinea pigs is a 2x3 grid-sized cage.

"Wall of Silence" Cage Divider Includes

  • (3) 14" Grids in black or white (safe grids with 1 3/8" openings). These will overlap.
  • 4mm 10" x 27" Coroplast Piece in your choice of 15 colors!
    This is cut to fit snugly across a 2-grid-wide cage.
  • Cable ties that match the grid color for securing the new grids to the cage sides.
  • Edging for the sides

Select your Options!

Coroplast Color:
  • Grass Green / S-62-118-74
  • Neon Green / S-68-214-44
  • Lemon Yellow / S-255-221-53
  • Cinnamon / S-221-110-45
  • Cool Flame / S-214-46-47
  • Pink / S-235-111-189
  • Violet / S-79-47-124
  • Deep Blue / S-55-50-110
  • Navy / S-46-43-87
  • Denim Blue / S-50-127-239
  • Silver Mist / S-150-151-151
  • Black
  • White
  • Peuter /  P-99-102-111
  • Taupe / P-182-161-140
  • Parchment / P-241-232-193
  • Bronze / P-123-81-40
  • Orange / P-244-98-65
  • Red / P-187-15-51
  • Fuchsia / P-174-25-183
  • Dusty Rose / P-208-175-200
  • Wine / P-114-61-106
  • Periwinkle / P-146-158-212
  • Purple / P-50-21-125
  • Light Blue / P-0-126-195
  • Royal Blue / P-0-103-190
  • Lime / P-147-202-21
  • Celery / P-195-221-156
  • Brown / P-93-72-60

More color INFO.
Printed colors "+$" carry an upcharge & need a little extra processing time.

Grid Color:
  • White
  • Black


Customer Reviews

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works but doesn't quite fit

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
not sure if my coroplast base is just too small (gaps all around between the cage wall and the coroplast, but I thought that was normal) or if the divider is too long, but since it's a bit too wide it's curved when I set it up, thankfully it fits enough to stay in place and get the job done but I wish it fit the way it looks in the pictures

Separating Pigs

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review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The product does its job well. But it is very expensive for such little material. Not very cost effective, unlike the cages themselves.

Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

So many uses!!

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
1) Separating sows and boars.

2) Separating baby boars from nursing mums once they reach the age of fertility.

3) Separating boars from boars.

4) Separating new piggies from current piggies as a transitional means to get them to living together.

This is great for working with litters. This is great for allowing adult piggies to "visit" without physical contact. I find that my boars like to sniff at each other and hang out by the shared dividing grids... yet two of them can not/will not actually live together. So I have 2 boars in one cage, then 2 boars in another cage (both cages are actually 2 XLs together)... with a Wall of Silence (coroplast removed) in between. I am trying to see if I can slowly integrate them to live together but in the meanwhile, they get to visit! ;)

Also used for all of the above mentioned situations too! ;)

This is SUCH a brilliant idea, again, only thought of by the store owners at Cavy Cages!! :D

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