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Piggy Perch

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Piggy Perch - PERCH
Piggy Perch - PERCH
Piggy Perch - PERCH
Piggy Perch - PERCH
Piggy Perch - PERCH
Piggy Perch - PERCH
Piggy Perch - PERCH
Piggy Perch - PERCH
Piggy Perch - PERCH
Price: $26.99

    Grid and Coro color

    White Black

    Item #: PERCH
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    Piggy Perch

    A Treat for the Whole Family

    Adventurous piggies will delight in zooming up and over our fabulous Piggy Perch, while lazy piggies can nap in seclusion underneath. The gentle slope of the ramps allows for easy access to the lookout, so even timid piggies can enjoy the view from above! And the low height makes it safe for piggies to jump up or down from it as well.

    It comes in your choice of black or white grids. The Coroplast will also be black or white with clean pre-punched holes for easy and secure attachment. The Coroplast is covered with attached carpet for easily gripping any fleece laid over it. The two ramps have edgers at the connection point for extra reinforcement.

    Can also be used on a Midwest Habitat cage.

    The Dome Grid is just for the cuteness factor. :)

    Covered Cage? No Problem!

    The Piggy Perch can be used with any of our covered cages.


    Mix and Match Fleece Accessories from Guinea Pig Market!

    Customize your Piggy Perch with the Piggy Perch Theater, a complete fleece component collection from Guinea Pig Market. The component bundle includes a fleece flipper case for the ledge and ramps, along with an upper scallop, middle drape and lower fringe. Mix and match fabrics to make it your own!

    piggy perch theater


    • (2) Ledge Grids - Black or White POWDER-COATED (3 1/4" x 6 3/8" x 14")
    • (1) Decorative Upper Dome Grid - Black or White POWDER-COATED (14" x 14")
    • (1) Carpeted Platform for the ledge grid (6" x 14")
    • (2) Carpeted Side Ramps with Edgers (5.5" x 10")
    • Cable Ties for assembly