Before you Buy

Please double-check your assumptions!

Are you using DIFFERENT GRIDS?

Grids matter greatly! Please review.

We understand that some people may choose to buy grids from other sources. Or you may have inherited grids from someone else. But, GONE are the days where all grids are the same. We've maintained our grid dimensions and quality for many years.

SAFE grids are 14" square with 9x9 inner holes (NOT 8x8 or less). The inner holes (gap between wires) should never be larger than 1.5". Young or narrow-headed guinea pigs can get their heads caught, if so.

SAFE does NOT necessarily mean COMPATIBLE with Cagetopia grids and products.


Insert 3 US pennies in your connector slot. They should fit exactly without being too loose or too tight.


  • IF you are building a simple cage and using ALL of your own grids and connectors and do NOT intend to add-on or build out with our additions or enhancements, then assuming your grids are EXACTLY 14" square, structurally, they should work.
  • However, IF you are mixing your grids with ours in any way -- ESPECIALLY with complex builds with cage STANDS or UPPER LEVELS -- then there MAY be issues with the connections.
  • Other grids will likely NOT fit in our connectors and visa-versa. The grid will be too loose in the connector or too tight to accept the grid. IF TOO LOOSE (more typical), you can compensate in most (but not all) locations by being sure to use zip-ties to reinforce the connection.
Grids MUST be exactly 14" square to work with standard C&C Cage configurations. NO Cagetopia products will work with 12" grids. Non-Cagetopia 14" grids need to be evaluated (above) for compatibility.


Exact Coroplast color shades may be slightly different from what you see on the screen and may also vary slightly over time due to manufacturing batches/changes.

While we professionally cut our Coroplast with special tools, the cuts are not machine perfect, especially the hand-cut decorative enhancements (like the hearts in the Cavy Canopy, for example).
While Coro is the perfect material for cages and can last a lifetime, it is a soft plastic, and while rare, very minor flaws or damage can occur during shipping. We cannot accept returns for minor cosmetic flaws to the items.

Please do not expect Coroplast to be the same as hard-molded, plastic cage bottoms -- which are all too small by far, bordering on inhumane.
We score and FOLD most Coroplast bases for shipping. Otherwise, shipping Coroplast would be physically impossible due to box size requirements. That leaves a vertical crush mark in the middle of the wall, which is NORMAL. It is NOT a flaw. It is a minor cosmetic imperfection that is part and parcel of all shipped Coroplast cages. It does NOT affect function AND it is behind the grid wall and barely noticeable once assembled. For example, you can see it in the middle of the cage on the purple wall in this Cagetopia Creation setup.

C&C Construction

The grids sit around the perimeter of the cage. They are NOT needed on the bottom. Make sure you have a flat surface to sit the grids on. They need the minimum of the table space quoted on each item.

We include instructions for every component/product that we sell. However, if you are ordering a complex setup from our Cagetopia Creations blog posts, those are more complex and we do not include instructions for marrying them together. They are for the more experienced cage builders. If you have questions about them, please reach out to us.
In order to accommodate a compromise size of a Medium Cage needing 54" of table space (rather than 60" for a full 2x4-grid size), the center grids are overlapped via zip-ties.


A 2x4 CAGE does NOT equal 2x4 FEET (for example)

They are 14" Square. All cages reference both the inner dimensions available to the guinea pigs and the OUTER dimensions needed for furniture or floor space.

For planning purposes, since you have to allow space between grids for the connectors, you can plan about 15" per grid section in either height, length or width.


Putting flat plastic on a wood floor can cause 'sweating' due to moisture condensation changes being trapped between the wood and the plastic. We suggest you put a towel or rug under the Coroplast base if it's going on a wood floor or table.

While the cage construction is not perfectly waterproof due to the folding up of the corners, IF you experience any leaking because of this, you may not be cleaning the cage often enough or properly or using enough of the right kind of bedding. The cage can be made waterproof just by adding some clear packing tape in the corners.

Please do not plan on putting a C&C cage -- or any cage for that matter -- outdoors. Guinea pigs are domesticated indoor animals.


Babies up to a few weeks old can easily get through and run through the grid holes in a C&C cage. In addition, some guinea pigs up to a few months old have thinner and pointier-shaped heads which can also lead to them getting their heads stuck in a grid hole. Please keep in mind we are referring to the standard grid sizes of 14" square with 8 by 8 inner wires, giving 9 holes by 9 holes across of just under 1.5 inch openings. Some grids on the market that people use to make their own C&C cages are the unsafe variety because while they are 14 inches across, they use fewer inner wires leaving much larger and unsafe openings. Please do use them at all.

Most importantly, with babies in C&C cages, do NOT use any grids INTERNALLY in the cage. No inner supporting grid walls, no hay racks made with grids or wires, no ramps fashioned from grids, etc.

Please pay attention to the SHAPE and SIZE of your guinea pigs' head, no matter how old. Again, if it's very thin and pointy head, consider it a baby and take appropriate precautions.

The great, vast majority of people who house babies in a C&C Cage are fine because the 6-inch walls are usually sufficient. However, you don't want to be the 'one' that has a tragic accident. There are several ways to baby-proof a cage until they've grown enough to move past the risk. BABIES GROW FAST! So, you really want a temporary solution to blocking off access.


Please do not wait to unbox, unpack and check your order, even if this is for a gift. We have a 14-day return policy. If there are any issues with your order, we need to get it resolved quickly for you.

If there are *ANY* issues with damaged or missing items, we really need to see a photo of the box in order to file a claim with the shipping company. DO NOT THROW AWAY THE BOX until you've confirmed that ALL items are accounted for.

CUT the ZIP TIES securing all the grids. SEPARATE all the grids. The Portal Grid is included in the middle of the group of regular grids.

They are probably PACKING MATERIAL pieces. We use our scrap Coroplast pieces as packing material (works great for that). You are free to use it as you will or recycle it.

If you are missing any GRIDS or CONNECTORS, we will NEED A COUNT of ALL grids received and a COUNT of ALL CONNECTORS received. More often than not, either a) there is a misunderstanding of how things are constructed; or b) it was a big order and there is second box that has not yet been received.

In complex orders, we need a full count to compare against what should have been sent. Thank you.