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Enjoy happy, healthy, popcorning guinea pigs in a durable,
easy-to-clean, easy-to-modify C&C Cage made by
the Guinea Pig Cages team -- the original and the best!
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Flip Fold Covers
for Cagetopia® C&C Cages
Grids & Connectors
Cagetopia Powder-Coated and Specialty Grids for C&C Guinea Pig Cages
Wonder Bar
5 review(s)
Wonder Bars! Custom C&C Support Bars designed for C&C Cages
Price: $7.19

Narrow Loft with Ramp
2 review(s)
Narrow Loft (1x2 Grids) with Ramp
Price: $56.99

Grid connectors
2 review(s)
Plastic Connectors
Price: $0.34

Coroplast Base Only - Small
7 review(s)
2x3 grid-size, coroplast base
Price: $33.99

Cagetopia C&C Grid
5 review(s)
Standard Grid 9x9 inner squares, 14 x 14 inches
Price: $1.79

Coroplast Base Only - Medium
1 review(s)
2x3.5 grid-size, coroplast base
Price: $39.99

Offset Extension Kit for C&C Cages
Offset Extension Kit (3) Standard Grids, (6) Connectors and zip ties - a necessary addition to your cage configuration when you want more user-friendly access for cage maintenance
Price: $7.99

Quick-detach connector set
2 review(s)
Quick-detach connector sets (4 sets of two)
Price: $11.99

Short Ultra Rod
18-inch Ultra Rod: one piece
Price: $4.99

Wide Loft with Ramp
4 review(s)
Wide Loft (2x2 Grids) with Ramp
Price: $64.99

Coroplast Base Only  Large
11 review(s)
2x4 grid-size, coroplast base
Price: $45.99

Medium Ultra Rod
32-inch Ultra Rod: one piece
Price: $6.99

Narrow Loft Loop
1 review(s)
Cagetopia's Roomie Zoomie? Narrow Loft Loop
Price: $94.99

Long Ultra Rod
37-inch Ultra Rod: one piece
Price: $7.99

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