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    This is our Extendable Ultra Rod set, using our Short (18") Inner rod with our Long (37") Outer Rod. These rods are very strong, high-quality, powder-coated steel.

    Extendable from 38" to about 54" which will work for the length of a 2x3 grid cage which is about 44" from grid-to-grid edge.

    These are CAGETOPIA RODS! We have them manufactured especially for us to our specifications of quality, size and strength.

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    Extendable Ultra Rod

    This Extendable Ultra Rod extends from 38 to 54 inches long and can be used as support rod.

    • Super Strong
    • Available in black or white

    Extendable Ultra Rod Includes

    • (1) Extendable Ultra Rod Set (extends 38" to 54": 2 rod pieces & 2 end caps per set) in black or white, matching the grid color

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    • White
    • Black

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