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Large (2x4 Grids) Coro Base

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Coroplast Base Only  Large
Coroplast Base Only  Large
Coroplast Base Only - Large
Price: $45.99

    Coroplast Color

    Cream Yellow Orange Red
    Pink Lime Light Blue Green
    Brown Purple Royal Blue Navy
    Black Silver/Gray Translucent White

    * Pink/Lime: Cagetopia Exclusives
    Coro height

    Standard 6" sides Backwall=12" / 3 sides=6"

    Item #: CORO-BASE-LG
    Availability: In Stock
    How long will it take? (shipping FAQs)

    Large Cage Dimensions

    • Interior: 27" x 56" = about 10.5 Square Feet of cage space.
    • Exterior: 30" x 60" when assembled with grids (not included in this item) you will need a table space of about 2.5 feet by 5 feet to accommodate this cage.

    Coro Height Preference

    This refers to the HEIGHT of the COROPLAST on ONE long-side of the cage -- for the back wall.

    • 6" (inches) is standard. 6" sides all the way

      around maximizes ventilation and visibility, and it is generally high

      enough to keep in bedding for most guinea pigs. Also, a water bottle

      spout resting on the top of the 6" Coroplast is a good height for guinea

      pigs to drink from.

    • 12" (inches) is good if the long side of your cage

      is going up against a wall. This helps prevent hay (and in some cases

      bedding) from being kicked up and getting stuck against the wall. You

      can always cut it down later if you decide it doesn't work for you. The

      12" option is just to help you keep your floor and wall cleaner in some


    NOTE: We do NOT offer 12" walls all the way around because we do NOT

    recommend it. It cuts off too much air circulation for the guinea pigs.

    In addition, even if you wanted it regardless of our advice, coroplast

    is only 48 inches wide and that would require 51 inches.

    Coroplast Base Includes

    • 4mm Coroplast bottom in your choice of 15 colors!

      27" x 56" x 6" sides for 2x4 Grid cage
      The base is cut and scored so you only have to secure the flaps.

      (Coroplast base is scored and folded for shipping, which makes an

      indented "crush" line, but it does not affect the function of the cage.

      It's barely noticeable when fully assembled.)

    • (16) Snap-in Plastic Rivets to fasten flaps.

    NEW! Rivets on the Flaps!

    • We've updated our cage design to make it even easier and more secure than ever! All of our Coroplast bases now come with nice, clean holes -- professionally punched in the appropriate locations. We include our new, easy-snap-in plastic rivets for securing the base. 
    • The rivets, while very secure when in place, can also be popped back open with a little separation pressure should you need to dissemble your cage and are generally reuseable.

    holes in coroplast flaps for rivets  rivets in coroplast flaps

    How many Guinea Pigs will fit in a 2x4?

    • Up to 2 adult guinea pigs comfortably. It varies a bit depending upon your group. This is the recommended cage size for two guinea pigs. Males typically need a bit more room than females and while this cage can work, we ideally recommend a 2x5 size for two males.
    • It would be possible to house a well-bonded group of 3, but 4 would really pushing it in this size cage. Keep in mind with more guinea pigs in a smaller cage, it's also more work to keep it clean.
    • ONE guinea pig needs at least a 2x3 grid-sized cage. This cage size is really too small to divide, so you should make your decision wisely if you suspect you may have to divide the cage. In that case, you should go with a larger size to start with.

    Latest Reviews

    Overall Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 11

    Reviewed On: 8/17/2014
    By: Alishia, Central Texas

    Excellent quality

    I hadn't ordered a coroplast base from this website before and would instead get a full sheet from a sign shop. When I moved, I couldn't find a shop that would sell a sheet to me so I decided to get one from here. The base is a vibrant blue color and it was a snap to put together. The big thing that I'm actually more impressed with is the little beginners care package that they possibly send with every order. While I'm not a beginner, it was still really sweet of them to make such a caring gesture! I'm definitely ordering from here again when I need another base or want to make other additions.

    Reviewed On: 5/10/2014
    By: arice271, Philadelphia

    So excited! but beware of zip ties if custom cage!

    I built my own cage before and bought the coroplast from a local sign shop but since I moved I had more space and decided to upgrade my pigs cage to a 2X4 but couldn't find a reasonable price for the coro in the size I needed, I was so excited to find this site and even more excited when after a mere 2 days a package arrived with everything I ordered! I am so pleased with the condition of absolutely everything, the only reason I rated it 4 out of 5 stars is because my base ended up being an inch too long for my 2x4 grid cage because I used zip ties to hold everything together instead of connectors. This isn't any fault of the product I simply should have thought ahead and realized that the product size would be different without the spaces between each grid taken up by the connectors...

    Reviewed On: 3/18/2013
    By: tgressler, NW Michigan

    Love it

    I am really happy with my purchase. I had made my first liner but had to tape and zippy tie it together. Didn't look so great so I bought the base off of here. It is one piece and it looks fantastic!!

    Reviewed On: 11/27/2012
    By: Zoe Kim, New Jersey

    Great cage, great price :)

    I am again, amazed with this product. I got my lone pig a friend this year and had to expand from a 2x3 to a 2x4. The package came in less than three days, and all costs were extremely reasonable. It's so easy to clean, and my pigs love it! Sue has always been helpful answering my questions, and I really enjoy the guinea pig community that she and Teresa have created. Join the forum!

    Thank you C&C!!!


    I love the new site too!

    Reviewed On: 6/8/2012
    By: AJ,

    Wow, quick replies!

    It has been such a pleasure to work through your website and receive such quick replies to any of my questions. I donÕt think there are too many businesses around that would offer the attention and help you do and that is before even making a purchase! ItÕs very nice to be able to ask and receive your response without feeling badly or like I am wasting someoneÕs time. It is especially nice to be able to order the coroplast through you since my original attempt was less than spectacular! Thank you for all your help and fast replies, I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.