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    Large Cage Dimensions

    • Interior: 27" x 56" = about 10.5 Square Feet of cage space.
    • Exterior: 30" x 60" when assembled with grids (not included in this item) you will need a table space of about 2.5 feet by 5 feet to accommodate this cage.

    Coro Height Preference

    This refers to the HEIGHT of the COROPLAST on ONE long-side of the cage -- for the back wall.

    • 6" (inches) is standard. 6" sides all the way

      around maximizes ventilation and visibility, and it is generally high

      enough to keep in bedding for most guinea pigs. Also, a water bottle

      spout resting on the top of the 6" Coroplast is a good height for guinea

      pigs to drink from.

    • 12" (inches) is good if the long side of your cage

      is going up against a wall. This helps prevent hay (and in some cases

      bedding) from being kicked up and getting stuck against the wall. You

      can always cut it down later if you decide it doesn't work for you. The

      12" option is just to help you keep your floor and wall cleaner in some


    NOTE: We do NOT offer 12" walls all the way around because we do NOT

    recommend it. It cuts off too much air circulation for the guinea pigs.

    In addition, even if you wanted it regardless of our advice, coroplast

    is only 48 inches wide and that would require 51 inches.

    Coroplast Base Includes

    • 4mm Coroplast bottom in your choice of 15 colors!

      27" x 56" x 6" sides for 2x4 Grid cage
      The base is cut and scored so you only have to secure the flaps.

      (Coroplast base is scored and folded for shipping, which makes an

      indented "crush" line, but it does not affect the function of the cage.

      It's barely noticeable when fully assembled.)

    • (16) Snap-in Plastic Rivets to fasten flaps.

    NEW! Rivets on the Flaps!

    • We've updated our cage design to make it even easier and more secure than ever! All of our Coroplast bases now come with nice, clean holes -- professionally punched in the appropriate locations. We include our new, easy-snap-in plastic rivets for securing the base. 
    • The rivets, while very secure when in place, can also be popped back open with a little separation pressure should you need to dissemble your cage and are generally reuseable.

    holes in coroplast flaps for rivets  rivets in coroplast flaps

    Our Cagetopia-brand Grids have stayed the same over the years as we have many hundreds of thousands of C&C cage owners (DIY and customers) that depend on the original sizes and the best quality grids and connectors.

    Supplying your OWN GRIDS?

    Or mixing in different grid sources or vendors? No 14" grids are the same anymore. Please review:

    • Many 14" grids are NO LONGER COMPATIBLE
    • Grid Vendors are now ALL DIFFERENT from each other
      Especially on Amazon, but also Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, etc.
      • DIFFERENT CONNECTORS: gap spacing (space between grids) can be different (standard = 3/8") and that matters.
      • Grid Size: 14" exactly is required -- NOT 12" or anything else
      • Grid Wire Gauge (thickness): Grid vendors adapt their connectors to their wire gauge, which is typically thinner than ours (4mm = 3 pennies), so they won't work well together, if at all -- too tight or too loose.
      • Inner Grid-hole Size (safety-related):
        NO INNER HOLES BIGGER than 1.5" or you risk your guinea pig's head getting stuck and strangling. In a 14" grid, there should be 9 holes by 9 holes -- never less.
    • Using only Zip Ties (no connectors) is NOT RECOMMENDED.
      Some people complain about using the connectors. They are using NON-Cagetopia connectors. Ours work great and are easy to snap in, while being strong and stable.
      • Zip ties alone ARE NOT STRONGER as compared to using Connectors WITH zip ties (not opinion, engineering fact).
      • Many Cagetopia products will NOT be compatible for fit without using the connectors.
      • The fit of the coro inside the grids will be different.

    Trying to save a few dollars now on purchasing grids separately could be a frustrating, if not an expensive, decision later.

    All these things MATTER on CAGE BUILDING.

    If you buy one vendor's grids today and try to mix in a different vendor's grids from Amazon tomorrow, odds are high they may not be compatible with each other or our Cagetopia Grids.

    Select your Options!

    Coroplast Color:
    • Cream
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Lime
    • Light Blue
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Purple
    • Royal Blue
    • Navy
    • Black
    • Silver/Gray
    • Translucent
    • White

    Coro Height:
    • Standard 6" sides
    • Backwall=12" / 3 sides=6"

    Coro bases with 10" walls are NOT returnable and NOT available on LOFTS.

    I've read the BEFORE YOU BUY tab for this item:


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 15 Reviews:
    Columbus, OH

    Just what I needed

    This was perfect for my needs. I appreciated how the required you to check a box that you read the Before you buy article because that gave me all the information I needed to know EXACTLY what to expect. The turn around time and delivery was super speedy and it was (literally) a snap to put together. Will definitely buy from this store in the future!


    As a new Guinea Pig Mom, I had a hard time getting the concept of coroplast cages. My first cage consisted of poorly cut pieces that did not, to my frustration, fit together like puzzle pieces. Not only did this come an entire day before I expected it, but it took me a whopping five minutes (if that) to put it together!!! I also created my own C&C base to put the cage on, and this piece fit perfectly with the dimensions that I created myself, even using grids that I bought elsewhere. I really appreciate all of the effort put into making these products, and will definitely buy again!!!

    New York

    Worth every penny!

    The coro base arrived nicely packed in the mail, with clear instructions and took only 5 minutes to assemble. Great quality with super easy-to-use tabs to lock the walls in place. My guinea pig was popcorning all day in his new cage, he gives it a five star rating.


    Perfect For Hedgies!

    I just recently expanded my hedgehog's cage from 2x3 to 2x4, so I got the light blue coroplast for the size we needed. It is a much deeper blue in person, and I love it! The coroplast was easy to put together as well. My hedgie approves as well, loving her expansion.

    Central Texas

    Excellent quality

    I hadn't ordered a coroplast base from this website before and would instead get a full sheet from a sign shop. When I moved, I couldn't find a shop that would sell a sheet to me so I decided to get one from here. The base is a vibrant blue color and it was a snap to put together. The big thing that I'm actually more impressed with is the little beginners care package that they possibly send with every order. While I'm not a beginner, it was still really sweet of them to make such a caring gesture! I'm definitely ordering from here again when I need another base or want to make other additions.


    So excited! but beware of zip ties if custom cage!

    I built my own cage before and bought the coroplast from a local sign shop but since I moved I had more space and decided to upgrade my pigs cage to a 2X4 but couldn't find a reasonable price for the coro in the size I needed, I was so excited to find this site and even more excited when after a mere 2 days a package arrived with everything I ordered! I am so pleased with the condition of absolutely everything, the only reason I rated it 4 out of 5 stars is because my base ended up being an inch too long for my 2x4 grid cage because I used zip ties to hold everything together instead of connectors. This isn't any fault of the product I simply should have thought ahead and realized that the product size would be different without the spaces between each grid taken up by the connectors...

    NW Michigan

    Love it

    I am really happy with my purchase. I had made my first liner but had to tape and zippy tie it together. Didn't look so great so I bought the base off of here. It is one piece and it looks fantastic!!

    New Jersey

    Great cage, great price :)

    I am again, amazed with this product. I got my lone pig a friend this year and had to expand from a 2x3 to a 2x4. The package came in less than three days, and all costs were extremely reasonable. It's so easy to clean, and my pigs love it! Sue has always been helpful answering my questions, and I really enjoy the guinea pig community that she and Teresa have created. Join the forum!
    Thank you C&C!!!
    I love the new site too!

    Wow, quick replies!

    It has been such a pleasure to work through your website and receive such quick replies to any of my questions. I donÕt think there are too many businesses around that would offer the attention and help you do and that is before even making a purchase! ItÕs very nice to be able to ask and receive your response without feeling badly or like I am wasting someoneÕs time. It is especially nice to be able to order the coroplast through you since my original attempt was less than spectacular! Thank you for all your help and fast replies, I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.

    Piggies love it

    I had adopted two pigs from the humane society, and not knowing any better bought them a "large" cage at a Petstore. My cousin came over (and being a pig owner) told me about the idea of C&C cages. I loved it and checked it out on the website. I tried around my neighborhood to find a sign store but it was impossible for me to find one. I went on to this site and realized that you could buy them here. I bought the green 2x4 Coroplast base from Sue and it was delivered. I set it up and I already had the Cubes. It was so easy to set up. Finally, I put in the piggies. I put them in and they started running around popcorning and having a blast! I am so glad i got the cage, it was worth every penny! It is so easy to clean and i can put a lot more hidey houses which makes them have fun and not fight! It was great and I cannot thank you enough! I and the piggies love it!

    Bugsy acts like a member of the family now

    My daughter's friend gave her the daddy guinea pig after their other "male" had babies. Ahh the joys of pet store accuracy in Guinea Pig sexing! Anyway her friend kept the mama and 4 babies & we got the daddy. I knew nothing about piggies & he lived in the Petco "large" cage. It really was the size of our old cat's litter box! I was looking for a bigger cage that wouldn't break the bank & was having very little success. A co-worker who used to have piggies told me to Google your site. I found the cubes in Wal-Mart & ordered the coroplast from Sue. Just got it together tonight & Bugsy is happy as a clam! He is squeaking popcorning & running around. He used to popcorn when I would feed him but now he is doing it just because. Took him some time to get used to the ramp but now he runs up to the hayloft gets his timothy hay & then runs back down. I am so happy that I found your site & learned so much about how to keep my piggie happy. Bugsy is a member of our family & I'm sure he feels like one now! Yay!!

    Driving the dog nuts, now!

    I had a modified CAC cage, and I was using cardboard boxes for the bottom. Got very tired of trying to find appropriate size boxes. I ordered the coroplast from Sue, and it was a fab addition! I already had the grids. However, we did a cage upgrade when we got the coroplast from Sue. We have 2x4 bottom w/ a 2x2 top level. I have never seen such happy pigs! They are running circles, jumping, squeaking...and driving the dogs nuts with all their activity now. Thanks!

    Thank you so much

    I had my guinea pig for a month before I found this site. To my horror I discovered the cage I had was WAAAAY to small. I bought the grids from walmart to make my first C&C cage. I purchased the coroplast from Sue a few days later. In less than a week the coroplast arrived!! I had my guinea pig in her cage in the same room while I put the C&C cage together and I think she knew what was happening! She was squeeling and popcorning the entire time! I put down the bedding and set her in and she hasn't stopped running and playing since! I cannot say how great the cage is, because of the size it's not as portable as the *shudder* store bought cage, but it is WAY easier to clean and I have such a happy guinea pig now! I can't thank Sue enough!!!

    Boys are much more active

    I recently bought coroplast from Sue for my piggies' cage. It's the second order, as their cage has been enlarged because I am adopting two more piggies. It's easy to clean, but most of all, the Boys are very active in their bigger cage. I would recommend her cages to anyone who wants happy, active piggies.

    Wonderful watching our piggies now

    I first heard of C&C cages from a book I got at PetCo, where I got my first guinea pig, Sirrius, from. I came here and learned SO much about guinea pigs and cages. My husband and I decided we would try and make one and then adopt a companion for our boar from a shelter. Luckily my sister-in-law was getting rid of a bunch of cubes, so we got our cubes for free! Then after some looking we decided to get our coroplast online from here. We put together a 2x4 cage and then adopted our other little baby boar, Remus, from a guinea pig rescue in town. Sirrius has never been happier. They're so happy in their cage! They love to run around and popcorn in it. It's wonderful to watch. Thank you for your helpful and wonderful site! I tell everyone I know!

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