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    Cagetopia Wonder Bars are a strong, flat steel bar designed by us to provide support across 2 grids of width. They perfectly hook over the top of a C&C cage or rest on any smaller inner hole in the grid as well.

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    Wonder Bars

    Our Wonder Bars were manufactured especially for our C&C Cages. They are perfect fit for support for a two-grid wide span which uses connectors.

    • Flat with a low profile
    • Super strong
    • Hole in each end to add a cable tie if desired for anchoring
    • Available in black or white
    • Fits between grid layers for great support

    C&C Wonder Bar Includes

    • (1) 1" x 29" long C&C Wonder Bar custom-designed by us for C&C Cages) in your choice black or white. Each end has a 1" 90 degree bend with a small hole on each end to accommodate a cable tie if necessary.

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    • White
    • Black


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:
    Warwick, NY

    C & C Wonder bar

    I got the bars because I was adding a top to my C7C cage, adn the bars are great!


    These are awesome!

    They are extremely well made and sturdy and I recommend them to anyone needing extra support in their cages.


    support bar

    This works perfect for my loft,took the little bit of sagging out of the middle!!

    Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

    If you buy ONE thing only, but THESE ;)

    Well of course you will need to buy more than just a support rod (lol) but I mean, even if you are building your own cage from "scratch" (etc.)... The support is unbelievable! I connected multiple XL cages together so of course needed A LOT of support in order to hold up all the roofing (these were also covered cages!). I was able to fit in these support bars no problem and it held up 3 XLs together! And like the writer below said, they aren't even noticeable when you match to your grid colour! ;)

    I don't even know of any other piggy cage place/store that offers these type of amazingly strong support bars with such a clean look to boot! ;)

    Northern Virginia


    Love the support bars! They're perfect! I use them to support the base of my patio! So simple and sturdy! You can move them to fit your needs. Doesn't add bulk and is not noticeable as long as the color matches your grid!

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