Price: $16.99

    Our 25" Coroplast Ramp Cover has 3 portholes in both sides of the ramp for viewing and air flow. It stays in place and is easy to remove for cleaning. It can be purely decorative or it can also help encourage shy piggies to get to the upper level.

    Please note, the Ramp Cover CANNOT be used with a covered cage; there wouldn't be enough clearance.

    Item #: RAMP-CORO-CVR
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    Our stay-in-place 25" Coro Ramp Cover is decorative and can help shy guinea pigs feel more secure about heading to an upper level. Please note that there is 1" of clearance on each end as our ramps are 27".

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    Coroplast Color:
    • Cream
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Lime
    • Light Blue
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Purple
    • Royal Blue
    • Navy
    • Black
    • Silver/Gray
    • Translucent
    • White

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