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    Two replacement carpets for our Piggyback Ramps. Double-sided carpet tape is not included. 

    Generally, the existing tape is adequate, however, double-sided carpet tape is readily available from your local hardware store.

    Please note that the carpet patterns may not match on the ramp panels.

    We encourage using fleece fabric on top of the carpets for easy cleaning and familiar continuity for your guinea pigs.

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    Replacement Carpet for Piggyback Ramps

    (2) 6" x 11" Grey replacement carpets for our Piggyback Ramps.

    How to Clean your Replacement Carpet

    We recommend putting fleece fabric on top of the carpet/ramp to minimize wear and tear. If you're not going to cover with fleece, you may need to replace the carpet on occasion depending on your guinea pig's activity. Use a damp cloth and mild dish detergent to spot clean the carpet while it is still attached to the ramp to preserve tape adhesive.

    Replacement Carpet for Piggy Back Ramps Includes

    • (2) 6" x 11" Gray replacement carpets

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