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    26" x 20.5" coroplast insert for a "kitchen" area.

    Item #: KITCH-BISTRO
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    *NEW* Improved design! All flaps now are fastened with rivets to hold better, and the front entrance is an easy 2.5" height with your choice of black or white edger to prevent chewing.

    Cavy Bistro Dimensions

    • Outside dimensions: 26" x 20.5" x 4.5" walls.
    • Front wall: 2.5" height with black or white edgers.

    SIZING & Fitting FLEECE

    3 adult guinea pigs can hang out in our regular Cavy Cafe-sized kitchen. The Bistro is overly large. We really only added the Bistro size of kitchen specifically for the Medium-sized Cage, which is 2 by 3.5 grids long. Because the Medium size uses an overlapped grid, the cage length is non-standard. If you are planning on ordering FLEECE FLIPPERS from our sister store, then this Bistro size takes up that extra half-flipper of length needed. So, instead of needing a set of 3 1/2 Flippers to cover the bottom of the Medium cage, with the Bistro, you only need a set of 2 Flippers. The Bistro takes up 1 1/2.

    If you order the Cafe Cafe kitchen for a Medium cage, then you'd need a set of 2 1/2 Fleece Flippers.

    With Fleece Flippers, it's better to stick with interchangeable, standard sizes, hence the Cavy Bistro kitchen was born.

    HOWEVER, if you get a Bistro in any other cage size (Small, Large, XL or Jumbo) AND you want Fleece Flippers, you'll need to get a Half Flipper in addition to the regular ones to have full coverage.

    The Cavy Bistro will NOT fit in any loft -- neither the Narrow nor the Wide Loft.

    Cavy Bistro Includes

    • 4mm Coroplast 26" x 20.5" x 4.5" walls in your choice of 15 colors!
    • 8 Snap-in Plastic Rivets to fasten the flaps.
    • Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos

    NEW! Rivets on the Flaps!

    • We've updated our cage design to make it even easier and more secure than ever! All of our Coroplast bases now come with nice, clean holes -- professionally punched in the appropriate locations. We include our new, easy-snap-in plastic rivets for securing the base. 
    • The rivets, while very secure when in place, can also be popped back open with a little separation pressure should you need to dissemble it and are generally reuseable.
    holes in coroplast flaps for rivets

    Select your Options!

    Coroplast Color:
    • Cream
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Lime
    • Light Blue
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Purple
    • Royal Blue
    • Navy
    • Black
    • Silver/Gray
    • Translucent
    • White

    Edge Color:
    • White
    • Black


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 12 Reviews:

    Great item.

    I purchased this for my two babies for the 2x4 cage. I love how big this item is and look forward to easier habitat cleaning.

    My piggies definitely aren't potty trained and don't ONLY do their business in this area, but we both like having the separated "mess area" as they do make their biggest messes in here and I love being able to pull it out and clean it relatively easily.

    It's a little difficult to get out with an offset loft, but I'm not rating it down for that, since it was my decision to offset the loft. Just keep it in mind that if you chose to put it under an offset loft it is not quite as easy to get out. If you are not offsetting the loft, definitely get the doors.


    Perfect Mess Container!

    I bought this after reading what would be the easiest to clean and decided to go half with bedding half with fleece. I got the bigger one since I have two pigs and might get more in the long run. This works wonders and they seem to do most their business inside of the cafe! It makes cleaning easier so that the whole cage isn't left a mess, and the pigs seem to really enjoy it.

    Madison, WI

    kitchen fits perfectly in my large cage

    <p>This fits perfectly in the large cage. I'm glad I ordered this because I have fleece flippers coming for my cage and I will be able to keep this area with the disposable bedding and keep their food/hay in this area. All 3 of my piggies know where their kitchen is lol :)</p>


    Love it!

    So I ended up getting this cause so many great reviews. It doesnt take up two of the squares going forward. Witch I was fine with. Cause I had an extra narrow flipper by accident. But it worked out great. Now I can law down bedding for the guineas so there not pooing all over the fleece. I love it! and totally recommend this! I'm happy with my purchas and so are my guineas. :D

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