30 New Coro Colors!

We now offer a mix of solid, stock colors and new printed colors. These are new colors and may not perfectly match prior purchases. Addtional colors and graphics are coming in the near future. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Standard vs. Printed Colors

Our standard solid, stock sheets of corrugated plastic are available in the colors noted without an asterisk. Our Printed Colors are noted with an asterisk. We print both sides of a sheet of white coro. While providing more color options, it also requires additional ink and extra processing time. The printed colors have an upcharge that varies by product. Printing coro takes an extra 1 to 3 days longer than our normal, rapid turn-around time on stock color orders.

The Spectrum of Colors

These colors are organized by color range to help you make a better color decision. We've added more neutral colors to give you more possibilities for matching your home decor. Happy piggy owners make for happy piggies! We'll be adding more product pics in the various colors for comparison soon.

* = A PRINTED Coro Color -- which carries an upcharge that varies by product and takes 1 to 3 additional days to process.

  • Please note that due to complexities of printing, printed colors may have slight scratches or slight splotching. This is a normal part of this color process and does not indicate a defective product.