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Enjoy happy, healthy, popcorning guinea pigs in a durable,
easy-to-clean, easy-to-modify C&C Cage made by
the Guinea Pig Cages team -- the original and the best!
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Cage Additions

Flip Fold Covers
for Cagetopia® C&C Cages
Hayware® -- our hay-containing solutions
Piggy Perch
Piggy Perch for Cagetopia C&C Cages and the Midwest Habitat for Guinea Pigs
Lookout Lounge for Cagetopia C&C Cages for Guinea Pigs
Lookout Lounge for Cagetopia C&C Cages
Cavy Backsplash
Cavy Backsplashes
Wall of Silence, guinea pig cage divider
1 review(s)
A grids and coroplast divider to separate guinea pigs in an ample cage.
Price: $8.49

Cavy Cafe
15 review(s)
26" x 13.5" coroplast insert "kitchen" area. For C&C Cages only.
Price: $22.99

Narrow Loft with Ramp
3 review(s)
Narrow Loft (1x2 Grids) with Ramp
Price: $56.99

Piggy Party Patio
2 review(s)
Piggy Party Patios--an easy lift-off, mid-height loft in a large 1.5x2 grid size. Comes with 2 C&C Wonder Bars!
Price: $49.99

Piggy Patio
5 review(s)
Piggy Patios are an easy lift-off, mid-height loft (13.75 x 28 inches) that can be added to our standard C&C cages.
Price: $46.99

Cavy Bistro Closeup
9 review(s)
26" x 20.5" coroplast insert "kitchen" area. For C&C Cages only.
Price: $25.99

Large Hayrack hayrack, hay bin, C&C cage, metal hayrack
5 review(s)
Large Hayrack for C&C Cages
Price: $10.99

Wide Loft with Ramp
4 review(s)
Wide Loft (2x2 Grids) with Ramp
Price: $64.99

Corner Kitchen
22" x 22" x 31" coroplast insert "kitchen" area. For C&C & Midwest Cages
Price: $28.99

Narrow Loft Loop
2 review(s)
Cagetopia's Roomie Zoomie? Narrow Loft Loop
Price: $94.99

Small Hayrack
11 review(s)
Price: $7.99

Cavy Canopy
1 review(s)
Easy flip-up, light-weight top for privacy. A MUST-HAVE for open cages. Helps potty train your piggies to use the Cavy Cafe kitchen area underneath.
Price: $18.99

Wide Loft Loop
1 review(s)
Cagetopia's Roomie Zoomie? Wide Loft Loop
Price: $103.99

Cavy Backsplash
1 review(s)
Backsplash to prevent bedding and hay from escaping and falling behind the wall. Great for kitchen areas or behind hay racks.
Price: $9.99

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