Progress Update Aug 2023

Major Changes Now and more to come!

Standard 14" Cagetopia Grids and Connectors are Back in Stock

We now have our Cagetopia Standard 14" Grids and Connectors back and stock and are shipping them with all cage items. All of the other grids, such as the Swing Grids, Portal Grids and the rest are due in at the end of this month (August).

Most Midwest Products are Back in Stock

We've put the Midwest Coroplast items back in stock -- the Midwest Coroplast replacement base, the Midwest Diner (kitchen to fit the Midwest), the Midwest Canopy and Backsplash and the Midwest Kitchen Suite which bundles the the three items together. The Midwest Mezzanine won't be available until the end of the month as it needs our specialty grids.

Acrylic Windows are Back in Stock

The acrylic Windows (the Piggy Pigture Window -- both full size and half size) and the Pig-a-Boo Window are now available.

Coro for the Lofts and Patios coming soon

The replacement coro for the lofts and patios and such will be available in a few days.

Upgrade to the Reinforced Cage RAMP

The Reinforced Cage Ramp has been revised to be more piggy-friendly. The bottom of the ramp walls are now cut at a 45-degree angle. This allows your piggies to have much better access for running up and down and around, the angle of the walls is no longer in their way. In addition, if you prefer the same angle-cut at the top of the ramp, that is now available as an option. Sometimes you want the 90-degree cut, sometimes you might want the more flush cut of 45 degrees. The best option depends on how you are using the ramp and now you have more flexibility.

In addition, we've added edgers to the ends to help prevent chewing on that exposed section. However, a big reason why guinea pigs will chew on something is that feel that it's in their way. Since, the 90-degree call cut at the bottom of the ramp was in their way before and it wasn't protected by edgers, it's been a prime chewing spot in the past. Now it's not in their way, and it's protected as well.

New LOFT Option

On the single-ramp lofts -- both the narrow and wide, (versus the double-ramp Loop Lofts), we had always cut the loft entrance on the left-hand side in the past. We would accommodate changes, but they had to specially requested. Now, you can choose which side you want your loft ramp to be on. For example, facing the loft, if it's cut on the left. That's assuming you want the ramp to come down along the back wall so as not to be in your way when cleaning and accessing the front of the cage -- normal. If you need your loft to be on the LEFT-hand side of the cage, they you need the ramp entrance cut on the right-hand side to come down along the back wall. The sides aren't reversible, so you need to decide.

Piggy Back Ramps are Back in Stock

The Piggyback Ramps and all other flat ramps for other products are back in stock as well.

ALL PRODUCTS due in by the end of AUGUST

We expect all items to be back and available by the end of the month.

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