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    Pig-a-Boo Window is for Baby Proofing, Chew Proofing and General Fun for your Guinea Pigs. 

    Please note these are attached with CABLE TIES and do not fit into the connectors. It is a thinner plastic than the grids. They attach to the cage walls where needed with the zip ties.

    You can leave the bottom cable ties not attached and have the window flow over the Coroplast wall if you want to stop guinea pigs from chewing on the Coroplast as well as the grids.

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    Pig-a-Boo Window

    • Baby Proofing
    • Chew-Proofing
    • Window!
    • One 6" x 14" clear acrylic window
    • Cable ties to fasten to cage
    Each piece is 6" x 14" and is roughly 1/10" thick.

    It comes with cable ties (white/neutral or black) to fasten it to the grid.

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    • White/Neutral Cable Ties
    • Black Cable Ties


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Terrific Solution to Bar Chewing

    These are so easy to install--just attach with cable ties and bar chewing problem is instantly solved. They're a reasonable price and shipping was prompt. I definitely recommend them.


    Tooth Saver!

    These are an absolute must have if your pig is a bar chewer! One of my older boars broke off both of his front teeth from chewing and I’m so glad I got these. Stopped the chewing in its tracks! Super easy to install and they look super good!

    New Zealand

    Also great for cat proofing :)

    I just received an order that included a number of the windows for our Piggie cage, and I am so happy!
    Very easy to install, and cut perfectly to size with holes for cable ties pre drilled. Also lots of cable ties included.
    I got them as a cat proofing solution, to keep our curious kitty from reaching into the cage, and they work a treat! I have put them on the sides of the cage in places where she was repeatedly reaching in, and also a couple on the roof (the cage lid) over where the ramp is, and the food bowls, as this was another spot where she liked to go "fishing" for piggies. Now she has to be satisfied with just peering through the windows :)
    I was going to attach mesh over the cage, but these are so much more attractive, and it means we can still easily see our little pigs in their cage. Yay!

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