Piggy in Paint

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Cavy DIY Gone Right!

Looks like a few sneaky piggies did some redecorating and left their mark. Turns out they're actually stunning designers! This colorful multi-level Cagetopia cage creation features TWO attached Large Cages, one Large Cage Stand and our signature Roomie Zoomie Narrow Loft Loop for unlimited laps up and around the cage! You can easily create similar layouts with many of our other cage sizes as well.

This cage configuration is great for separated groups and features two Cavy Cafe dining areas to help piggies keep their renovation tidy.

You can recreate this piggy masterpiece with stylish accessories in our "Rainbow Paws" fabric collection from Guinea Pig Market, along with colorful Plush Beds and Munchable Toys!

Make this cage your own:

Then accessorize at our sister store, Guinea Pig Market:

Piggies with Rainbow Paws Fleece Bedding

Piggy Paw Prints DIY

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