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    Large Cage Stand

    • When assembled: 30" x 60" x 14"
    • Keep your guinea pigs off the floor
    • Keep the cage low enough for easy access by young people
    • Match the stand to your cage
    • Provide storage space underneath the cage
    • Change the stand configuration if you change your cage configuration
    • Break it down for easy moving and reassembly

    Cage Stand Includes

    • (22) 14" Powder coated Grids in black or white (safe grids with 1 3/8" openings)
    • (30) Connectors in black or white, matching the grid color
    • Cable ties in black or white, matching the grid color. Reinforces the connections, making them extra tight and super secure.
    • Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos

    Select your Options!

    Grid Color:
    • White
    • Black


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    Great Buy!

    I really debated on purchasing the stand to go with my cage. I am glad I decided to get it!! It takes time to put together and at first does not seem very sturdy. After you get it all together though it is very sturdy. I love the height. It makes taking care of my piggies very easy. I also really appreciate the storage space underneath. I would definately reccomend getting the stand with your cage. Totally worth it!


    Good Level, Pretty Sturdy

    I was worried about two things making this purchase, that one level would not bring the piggies high enough, and that a C&C stand would be wobbly.

    Neither of these were issues.

    The height is good, I almost think if I got two and stacked them it would have been too tall.

    The stand was a bit wobbly while I was assembling it, but they provide -plenty- of zip ties which really helps solidify the frame. My piggies really get the zoomies every night and there are no issues.


    Great for socializing with your piggies!

    The stand really is a great buy. It puts your piggies right at the perfect level and makes cleaning and picking up piggies much easier. I’ve noticed my piggies are less skittish than when we placed our Petsmart cage on the floor and seem to enjoy the better view. The beauty of this store is everything is designed specifically for the cage you bought and fits together perfectly. The quality is top notch.

    Great stand

    <p>Even with the instructions I was a little confused with the outside pieces. I figured it out once I saw the two groves for multiple grids. I mistakenly put bottom pieces on the bottom of my cage and quickly realized I didn't need them with the stand. Stand and cage took me 2 hours to put together but if you don't make the same mistakes I made I can easily see putting it together in 45-60 minutes. Love both and will recommend highly.</p>

    Wayne, Michigan

    Great Stand

    <p>The stand was easy to assemble and is really sturdy. it has large cuddys under to store all your pigs items.</p>

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