Price: $78.99

    Cagetopia Medium (2x3.5 grid) single-level, uncovered C&C cage measuring 30"x54" when assembled. We use safe, durable, powder-coated grids (not vinyl), and our Coroplast bases are secured with reusable plastic rivets (not tape). Suitable for 1-2 guinea pigs.

    The Medium cage uses overlapped grids in the center (secured with low-profile zip ties) to achieve the compromise size between the small and the large sizes.

    Item #: CAGE-MD
    Availability: In Stock

    Medium Cage Dimensions

    • Interior: 27" x 50" = about 9 Square Feet of cage space.
    • Exterior: 30" x 54" when assembled = you will need a table space of about 2.5 feet by 4.5 feet to accommodate this cage.

    Coro Height Options

    • 6" walls on all four sides. This is the perfect height for keeping bedding contained, visibility to pigs, good airflow, and safety.
    • 10" walls on all four sides for Hedgehogs only.
    • 12" long back wall only, three sides are 6". May help keep hay and bedding kickout more contained with active guinea pigs, especially when not using fleece, but generally 6" walls are just fine.

    NOTE: High walls all the way around a cage are not recommended for guinea pigs as it blocks too much airflow as well as your visibility.

    Cage Kit Includes

    • (12) 14" Grids in black or white (powder-coated & SAFE inner holes 1 3/8")
    • (20) Connectors in black or white
    • 4mm Coroplast bottom in your choice of 16 colors!
      The base is pre-cut and pre-scored with pre-punched holes to secure flaps using snap-in plastic rivets (not tape). Coroplast base is creased and folded for shipping, which creates an indented "crush" line. This does not affect the functionality of the cage. It's barely noticeable when fully assembled.
    • Rivets for fastening all coroplast flaps
    • Cable ties that match the grid color. (Using cable ties to reinforce the grid connections helps make the cage extra tight and super secure.)
    • Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos
    • Two-page Guinea Pig Care Sheet

    Please NOTE about the Cage Bottom

    The cage does not have grids on the bottom. They are unnecessary. The cage is designed to sit nicely on a flat surface -- a table top, a desk, the floor (if it's draft-free), etc.

    However, if you desire, you can make a cage stand out of grids. Please see our matching Medium Cage Stand if you are interested in a cage stand.

    How many Guinea Pigs will fit in a 2x3.5?

    • 1-2 guinea pigs. This is a slight improvment in size, up from the Small for 1 or 2 guinea pigs. This cage is too small for 3 or more guinea pigs.
    • ONE guinea pig needs at least a 2x3 grid-sized cage. TWO guinea pigs who get along well can also live in this 2x3 grid-sized cage. Although we do recommend a larger cage, this will suffice.
    • The 2 guinea pigs should be a BONDED PAIR. If you have two new males who have not been together yet in a pet home, then in all likelihood, this cage will be too small. Or if you have two guinea pigs who do not get along -- either they bicker all the time or occasionally -- then this cage is too small.
    • This cage size may not be divided to accommodate two guinea pigs who do not get along, nor is it appropriate for separating two guinea pigs of the opposite sex. It is just not big enough for that.

    Guinea Pigs should have a Friend

    Just a note that guinea pigs are a social, herd animal and are happier and healthier in pairs or groups. If you only have one, please consider the best interests of your pet and adopt a same-sex friend.

    Select your Options!

    Coroplast Color:
    • Cream
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Lime
    • Light Blue
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Purple
    • Royal Blue
    • Navy
    • Black
    • Silver/Gray
    • Translucent
    • White

    Grid Color:
    • White
    • Black

    Coro Height:
    • Standard 6" sides
    • Backwall=12" / 3 sides=6"

    Coro bases with 10" walls are NOT returnable and NOT available on LOFTS.

    I KNOW this cage will fit in my space!

    I've read the cage dimensions and have measured my space. GRIDS are 14", NOT a 12" FOOT! For example: 2x4 Grids needs 2.5 x 5 FEET of space.


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 42 Reviews:

    Best cage ever!

    I bought two of these - one for each pig. I was really worried that they would be too small for each of my pigs, but they're bigger than they look in the pictures! The piggies have so much room to run around - and that includes a bed, a chew bowl, a chew house and a hay feeder! The piggies are so happy and I am so pleased with these cages!!


    Happy Capy!

    I put this cage and stand together by myself in about an hour. It was well packed and the instructions were easy to follow. I've had my guinea pig for a few weeks now and I've NEVER seen him as happy as when I put him in his new cage yesterday! He is like a new pig! He runs around wheeking and even comes out of hiding in his pigloo to hang out in the open. The medium cage is PERFECT for our space and he has so much room to zoom around in. I'm so glad I got the stand and storage bins as well! The bins are huge and store all his equipment away nicely. Everything is right where I need it. He also LOVES his new cavy cafe area as well! I've never seen him eat so much hay and it seems to be keeping the bulk of the business in one place. This cage was a wonderful investment! Itwas well worth the money and the wait! I can see us upgrading and adding on in the future. :)

    South Carolina

    My Girls Love It!

    I opened the package and put it together as soon as it arrived! I put the stand and cage together in about an hour by myself. When I put my two girl piggies in they got really happy and ran laps!

    Cubes and Coroplast, perfected!

    I built my first Cubes and Coroplast cage 15 years ago. While my guinea pigs liked it, the old cage was less than beautiful thanks to the uneven Coroplast edges and poorly lined up cube grids. I'm so glad that this time around, I treated myself to a Cagetopia cage for my new guinea pigs. The quality cubes fit together easily compared to other brands and the Coroplast base looks so neat and clean with its snappy little rivets. The directions were very clear. I bought the medium cage and it's small enough to fit where I needed it to, but big enough for joyous popcorns and scampering around. Cagetopia cages are C&C cages perfected!

    Excellent cage and customer service!

    Our cage arrived quickly and is perfect for our little piggies--they have plenty of room to run and popcorn and cleanup is so much easier with this cage than with other cages I've had in the past. We were missing a couple of grid sections when it arrived, but they were sent out to us immediately. I especially love the adaptability of these cages and their ability to grow with our pigs.


    Perfect Cage!

    my sister bought a guinea pig a long time ago, and after she got bored of her, i offered to take her and take care of her. sadly, she was in a really tiny fish tank cage, and i knew that was absurd and i needed something better to keep her in, so i bought this cage and the upper loft for her and its perfect. she tried to chew on the sides, but they also have edging for that, so i just bought that to curb her habit of chewing on it. plenty of room for her to run around, and very easy to clean, very nice and neat design too. was super easy to assemble too, im an idiot when it comes to putting things together and even i could figure it out.

    Central Ohio

    Two Happy Pigs!

    I bought the medium cage with the stand for my daughter's two baby Guinea Pigs. I put it together with 4 little girls helping me. It took about an hour or so. I never put stuff together, I usually just "assist" my husband. It was very easy to do, the instructions were clear and easy to follow. We look forward to expanding their cage in the future.


    My Guinea Gals Thank You!!!!

    <p>Purchased the Medium Size Cage for our girls Molly and Leesha, they are popcorning and exploring like crazy. Pink Coro, white grids with a Purple Cavy Kitchen. Could not be happier. Looks amazing, and coordinates with my daughter's bedroom perfectly, Will be so easy to keep clean compared to our old setup. Shipping was super fast, very easy assembly. Thank you!</p>

    delray beach, florida


    <p>I LOVE THIS CAGE, It stays very clean, they have plenty of room with two litter boxes, house and dishes. I would recommend it. Easy to put together. Just need the space and table big enough. I had to put two folding tables together for it. I guess you can buy the C&C stand.</p>


    Great cage!

    I bought this cage because the store bought one I had for 2 years wasn't cutting it anymore and I'm looking into finally being able to adopt a cage mate for my guinea. I just got the package a couple of hours ago, and had it put together in no time. I am so happy with it and so is my piggy! very roomy, I don't know how I used the one I had for so long. I'd highly recommend these cages :)

    New Jersey

    great cage for two piggies

    My two girl guinea pigs have been living in a medium size cage with a loft, for about a year and a half. They absolutely love it and it's a great size for two smallish pigs. Easy to assemble and to clean. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone.

    hendersonville nc

    love it.

    i have 2 gp that fight all the time.this cage is is big enough for a divider.i put a divider in the middle an they can see an smell each other.the fighting has stopped.i would definitely buy another cage like this or any product from c an c cages.


    Hedgehog Loves it

    I went from two storage totes to a medium C&C cage. She is in heaven with all the room to roam at night. Also it does not hold in the smell from the litter box. She has room for her bucket wheel litter box, igloo, fleexe forest and more. Thank you so much! I did not think I could make it myself the bottom piece so I just ordered one. great price and great service Thank you:)



    Roomy beautiful cage that has plenty of space for a piggy/piggies to roam and be happy. My favorite part? The smell! Well actually, the lack of smell. My old cage would stink in a day or two, but it's been one week since I cleaned his cage and absolutely no smell whatsoever. Best birthday gift ever, friendly seller.


    The cage arrived today and it is perfect. The pigs and I are most happy. Thank you again.

    Love it so much

    I love this cage so much theres so much room and my piggies love it and its very easy to clean and theres room for both of there hiding places. Plus there igloos!! And its so easy to take them out for floor time because there is no top. My cage came within a week or sooner!!!!!!! And my 3 piggies always popcorn

    All guinea pigs deserve it

    I fell inlove with guinea pigs very soon after I found out about them, I knew I wanted one right away and to be the best piggy mom for him. I looked online for a good cage and I discovered c&c cages! I fell in love and knew it was really the safest best cage I could provide for my soon to have piggy! I quick bought one and you could tell right away the people on guinea pig cages, guinea pig zone truly loved guinea pigs and wants the best for them compare to a pet store! When i got mine i was so impresssed and in love with it! My new piggy harvey loves it! He has all the space to run and play with all his toys and hay! he truly loves his cage and so do I love c&c cages. I recomend to anyone who wants to be a great guinea pig parent! Thank you guinea pig for making me find the best cage possible. All guinea pigs deserve it!

    Cleans like a dream

    What can I say other than I LOVE THIS CAGE! I searched online for days trying to find the right cage and finally found it here! I am one that strongly dislikes to buy anything online (I almost never do)...but this cage is an exception and a must if you want to save money and get the best possible cage for your pigs. I have 2 pigs and they love it more than ever! It was a very easy to set up and cleans like a dream. I use fleece (with towels and newspaper underneath) but any bedding would be easy

    Nice and roomy

    I love this cage! It is nice and roomy, and provides plenty of space for the pigs to popcorn around and have separate hiding places. They are now able to separate themselves when they are arguing and argue less than they used to in their small cage I bought at the pet store. Unfortunately there just won't be any peace over who gets the green igloo. I would definitely recommend this cage to any guinea pig owner! Even if you think you don't have the money, your pigs will love you for it! It's easy to clean and I love how there's no top so I don't have to hassle with the stupid designs pet store cages have now with only a little opening at the top. Ridiculous! The service is great as well. I got my cage promptly in the same week I ordered it. It may take a little longer for the west coast but it is so worth it! I'm thinking about getting a loft to go with my cage, as I have no doubt it will be just as fantastic!

    Great service, great happiness

    Yeah!!! I don't have to feel sorry for my piggy anymore!!! I just received my C+C cage and put it together. I couldn't be happier. You guys rock! Thank you so much for the services you provide and the excellent customer service.


    I ordered a 2 by 3.5 c&c cage 2 days ago, and cannot wait to recieve it! I first bought a pet store cage: 2.5 by 1. I almost immediately thought it was too small (it really is a litter box), but put off getting a different one because I didn't know where to find one, and because I had just spent money on this one. For 4 months I had a guilt trip about it. My poor guinea pig, Pippin, lived with a hut, food, and water. He is lethargic and depressed. I cannot wait to see his reaction in this new cage! This site has helped me soooo much! I cannot thank this site enough (! I learned everything I needed to do for him so I could make him happier. I learned about what sort of toys and accessories, fleece, HAY necessities, and much more. I am begging my parents to let me get a second one right now.

    Relieved to have found you

    I am so relieved I found out you could make these and ship it. I searched everywhere this weekend and could not find the coroplast. With my luck if I did find it I more than likely would make an error in the measurements and have to buy another.

    Happy customer

    I cannot thank you enough for having these cages available to purchase! I also cannot thnk you enough for having so much information readily available on your site ( As for the cage, I could not be happier with the purchase. I had always felt the pet store cage was small, but when I looked online at others, they were all the same. I felt sad for our piggies. Then after much research on mange mites (that our pigs had when we got them from the pet store in town) I found your site. Since putting the cage together just yesterday, our piggies have been chatting and running around non-stop. Now I do not have to feel guilty when I cannot give them adequate floor time. They are obviously very happy with the cage update by their constant purring and wheeking.

    So much difference!

    My new mother Rosie and her babies were in a pet store cage. As soon as I moved them to their new medium C&C home, the babies raced around and talked a lot more. Their mother was previously silent and not very active (except for floor time)--that changed too with the move to a C&C cage. I've even seen her playing tag with her babies. One day (we've only had the new cage less than a week) I may hear her wheek! I plan to expand and separate the cage for all my GPs since the larger living space has made so much difference for Rosie and her babies.

    Happy with my purchase

    I had a pretty large store-bought cage for my one guinea pig, but I adopted a friend for him recently and knew I needed to get a larger cage. Since buying and transporting Coroplast proved difficult for me, I bought a C&C cage from Sue. I received it last night and my two boys have been running around non-stop, and have been very vocal. They're like two hyperactive children! :) The cage was incredibly easy to assemble, and it looks really nice. I'm so happy with my purchase, and I know my piggies are, too.

    Here and set up within 6 days!

    Thank you Sue! We had Reesey (because she's brown with tan center, reeses) in the typical "guinea pig habitat" from a pet store. I purchased a medium cage from Sue and it was here and set up within 6 days. Reesey ABSOLUTELY loves it! Within 3 minutes she had performed more popcorn jumps than she has since we had her! We are going to get her a roomie soon! I wish everyone would purchase/make these cages for their piggies ours is already 100% satisfied. Sue I can't thank you enough!!!

    Great value, happy pigs

    We received two guinea pigs as a gift for my daughters along with a small "large" pet store cage. After doing research I ordered a C&C cage and bought some fleece for the bedding. The piggies are so happy in their new home. They ran around and started popcorning almost instantly. These cages are very easy to put together and are a great value. Thank you so much for providing these great cages!

    You all are the best!

    Hello my friends. I am a fairly new guinea pig owner, and i just received my awesome medium navy blue and black c & c cage. My guinea pig Arnie has not even been in it for 4 hours and is already running around have a big time.Thanks C & C cages. You all are the best!:-)

    Anyone with GPs needs this

    I have owned 2 female guinea pigs for 2 weeks. I read Sue's website ( and found it very interesting. I purchased it recieved it 6 days after buying it. I put it together with the easy direction's and within 2 hours my Piggies were running around and playing it is wonderful they are talking a whole lot more than they did even yesterday. I would recommend anybody getting Guinea Pigs to invest in 1 of these cages.

    Love the size!

    I just got my cage from this site. It's wonderful. Took me only about 20 minutes to set up and I love how huge it is.

    Piggys are living the good life now

    A co-workers daughter decided she did not want to take care of her Pig anymore and he thought that instead of taking the young pig to a shelter he would ask me. Well my son and I took the pig and started learning. I came across this site and thought that a larger cage would make little Mae happier...and a pal. We got the cage from Sue at this site, a pal from Furry Friends Rescue (Fudgie) and our piggys are living the good life. They are happy, running around and chattering away. We did add a hay rack and a few shelters. This is an awesome site. Thanks!

    Very pleased

    I am proud to say that I'm very pleased with the new medium-sized cage I got for my two guinea pigs. They really love the amount of space and are more talkative than ever. Also, clean-up is a breeze since nothing seems to stick to the coroplast. I actually find it fun to clean the cage now. :)

    More active and chatty now

    As a newbie to cavy ownership, I have to say not only is this site ( helpful for proper cavy cages, but also extremely helpful for piggie care. When I first got Bruce, I got him from an animal shelter and even though they provided Bruce with tons of love and care, considering he was only two weeks old when they first got him, they assured me that he would only grow to be a little over a pound and only need a cage about 14"x28". After doing a little research about cavies I stumbled upon this site and was completely boggled by the information given to me at the shelter and immediately bought a large cage for Bruce considering the reality in his growth potential and need for space to "gallop". Within hours he was more active and definitely more chatty #-) Thank you for your help and I will continue to come to you with all of my piggie concerns!

    Easier on the Owner, Great for the Pets

    The C & C cages are by far the BEST option for the pigs. It makes it easier on the owner also, for accessing the animals and for cleaning the cage and also caring for the pets. For the pigs the cage is best because it is roomy and gives the pets plenty of fresh air circulation and they feel secure.

    Better fun for the whole family

    WOW!! We just put together our C&C cage and right away they started running and jumping! You could tell they were so happy. We are first time GP owners (for all of 2 weeks) and have fallen in love with our two little girls! We had them in a pet store cage for the first two weeks home (and already could tell it was to small so we started researching on-line). All they did was eat and sleep. Already there is a big difference. The whole family sat and watched them play in their new cage for 30mins. tonight!! Great product! Easy to do--took 20 min to set up max!!!! Love it!

    Awesome Product

    The C&C Cages are the best thing that will ever happen to your little bundles of joy! I put mine together and my Guinea Pig, Spike was popcorning all over the place in his new cage. He can now run around in his cage and he has so much more space. You can even decorate the cage how ever you want to add a touch of elegance to it. C&C Cages are also so easy to clean that I don't even have to move it in order to clean it. Such an awesome product! :)

    Impressed by the quality of the cage

    I Just received my cage today. I got it from this site. When my husband set it up and put two of my boars in it they just loved it. They started doing full laps and sprinting it was so amazing. I have another boar who I will be buying another cage for very soon. Seeing them happy makes me very happy. I was so impressed by the quality of the cage. Thanks a lot Sue for this quality product.

    Great info, great cage

    I bought 2 guinea pigs for my boys after our 2 pet rats passed away. So, it was a new experience for us. This website ( has provided me with so much great information. Sue sent me an awesome silver and black cage (that my son picked out) because I didn't have time to make one myself. The cage is so big...Sly and Spunky love it! It was a lot cheaper than buying from the pet store and much bigger too. Thank you!

    Big improvement in their behavior

    I got one of the cages about a week ago, I noticed a big change in the guinea pigs the first night they all started running around the cage hopping, talking and just seem so much happier. I'm so glade that I found this website ( and would tell anyone looking for a guinea pig cage.

    Wish I had done this a long time ago

    I ordered the large cage for my cavy, because he wasn't happy in his little pet store cage. He was so limited. As soon as we put him in the big cage he just started running around, and I don't think he has stopped yet. He talks all the time now, and plays. Makes me wish I would have gotten one a long time ago. I will never use a small cage again.

    Happier than I thought possible

    We just received out C&C Cage from Sue yesterday and we and our cavies are happier than I ever thought we would be. Putting the cage together took all of 20 minutes. They were in a 24"x18" cage. We would have liked to get the large cage but had to go with the medium because of the space constraints of our home. I hope to add a second level later. Princess and Mikey love their new home. I thought they would never stop exploring the new cage. In the three weeks that we've had them we have never seen them move around so much, even in floor time. The ease of construction, clarity of the instructions and quality of materials makes this cage one of the best buys that I've ever made. Sue is wonderful to work with and takes all the time necessary to make sure that the customer has exactly what is needed.

    Much happier and easier to clean

    Right off the bat, I would like to say that C&C Cages are the best way to go for your cavy's home. I am a self-proclaimed "cavy slave." After my first cavy passed away I made the decision to acquire all future guinea pigs by adopting them from the Humane Society, SPCA or GP rescues. In September of last year I adopted two brothers from a local GP rescue through the Humane Society. Baxter and Oliver Felix have brought me endless joy ever since. Unfortunately the cages I already owned along with those available in stores and catalogues were not nearly large enough. While looking online for a larger home I found the Cavy Spirit site. Boy am I glad I discovered C&C Cages! (I purchased the (Medium) 2 x 3.5 grid sized cage.) It arrived quickly and was quite simple to assemble. Bax and Oli love their new spacious home. They are clearly happier when inside it. I love it as well and it's nice to see how easy it's going to be to expand it. I can't thank you enough for providing this invaluable resource for making and buying this type of home!

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