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    French Door Kit for underneath the Wide Loft or Wide Loop Loft for the END WALL

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    Full-Opening French Door Kit

    PLEASE NOTE: The French Door kit cannot be used with an OFFSET loft, a narrow loft---OR a single level cage.

    The double-doors require a structure above for stability.

    Having trouble cleaning underneath your wide loft?

    The NEW French Door kit uses two Quarter-Round Mini Grids and your existing two 14x14 grids as the doors. It can also be used with a stand.

    It is installed directly under the wide loft on your existing cage. No "extra" support needed. The kit uses your existing standard grids as the actual doors and comes with two quarter-round mini grids, cable ties, four hinges, our Cagetopia® Wonder Bar, and a bungee cord in black or white to keep the double doors closed.

    You just lift the ramp (or ramps on the Zoomie Loft), rest them on the side of the cage, and pull the base right out easily without anything in its path.


    • (2) Quarter Round Mini Grids in Black or White (NOTE: These two mini grids replace your existing two grids under the loft. The grids you're replacing are used as the actual "doors".)
    • 4 Clear Plastic Hinges
    • (1) Cagetopia® Wonder Bar
    • Cable ties
    • Bungee Cord

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    Grid Color:
    • White
    • Black


    Customer Reviews

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    Makes life so much easier!

    <p>I love these doors! No more climbing into the cage to clean up. I just simply open up the back, which allows me to spot clean super fast. I love this design.</p>

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