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Door Kit

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Door kit with door grid and hinges for C&C guinea pig cages
Door Grid Kit for C&C guinea pig cages
Door Kit - DOORKIT
Door Kit - DOORKIT
C&C Door
Door Kit - DOORKIT
C&C Door
C&C Door
C&C Door
Door Kit - DOORKIT
Door Kit - DOORKIT
C&C Door
C&C Door
C&C Door
Door Kit - DOORKIT
C&C Door
Door Kit - DOORKIT
C&C Door
Door Kit - DOORKIT
Door Kit - DOORKIT
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    Grid color
    White Black
    Clip Color
    Black Yellow
    Navy Green
    Add Regular Grid?
    Most people will already have a full grid that they are making into a door. But add one if you don't have one. A full grid is needing for the actual door. The special door grid is actually the door frame.
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    Easy Access Door Kit

    Having trouble cleaning underneath your wide loft? 

    Want an easy exit for piggy's floor time? 

    How about an internal support that doesn't block piggy "traffic"?

    This easy access door kit is the solution!

    This is a custom replacement grid with only the top and side squares intact, with the interior squares removed. No sharp edges and easily fits in standard connectors. 

    Choose a spot for the door on your existing cage, install the door grid in its place, and use the clear hinges provided to attach the full grid you removed over the opening. The clip is provided to secure it in the closed position. Hinges can be installed on the left, right, top, or bottom to alter the direction the door swings open.

    NOTE: Be sure to select the optional regular grid if you are not replacing an existing grid. 

    If you are using this door for a piggy exit, you will need to cut the wall in your coroplast to create an opening.


    • (1) 14" x 14" Special Door Grid in Black or White (NOTE: This grid replaces your existing grid. The grid you're replacing is used as the actual "door".)
    • 2 Clear Plastic Hinges
    • 1 Metal Clip


    • (1) 14" x 14" Regular Grid in Black or White 

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