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Coroplast Sheet - 5 pcs 29x48

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Corrugated plastic
Corrugated plastic
Coroplast Pieces
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White Brown
Royal Cream

Item #: CORO-5PCS
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How long will it take? (shipping FAQs)

These five sheets are each roughly 29" wide and 48" long and are scored in half for shipping. You will receive FIVE sheets, EACH sheet being 29x48 inches and 4mm (same thickness we use for the cages). NOTE that size may vary slightly and edges may not be perfect.

Great for signs, Coroplast bases for cages, SPAD (Simple Plastic Airplane Design), and any number of school and home projects.

*Not Returnable*

Only colors that are available are the ones listed. If you'd like a specific color, use our full sheet pieces that are cut in thirds where all colors are available.

To make a cage base, you will need:

  • 53" x 39" for a 2 x 3 grid cage (requires 2 sheets)
  • 68" x 39" for a 2 x 4 grid cage (requires 3 sheets)
  • 83" x 39" for a 2 x 5 grid cage (requires 3 sheets)
  • 96" x 39" for a 2 x 6 grid cage (requires 4 sheets)

With the (5) sheets you'll receive, you will have enough to make any of the above size cages with 1-3 sheets left over for other projects or in case of mistakes.

NOTE: Pieces are not all cut from the same sheet, so there could be very slight color variations, although Coroplast's colors are usually very consistent.

FIVE 29" x 48" Coroplast Sheets in 4mm