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Enjoy happy, healthy, popcorning guinea pigs in a durable,
easy-to-clean, easy-to-modify C&C Cage made by
the Guinea Pig Cages team -- the original and the best!
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Full Sheet of Coroplast - Thirds

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Coroplast Sheet for shipping
Full Sheet of Coroplast - Thirds - CORO-THIRDS
Coroplast Sheet for shipping

Need Coroplast® for a different project? Coroplast is tricky in that it cannot be shipped in one, untouched piece -- like trying to ship a full sheet of plywood -- even though it's lightweight. They are both 4' x 8' (1.22m x 2.44m). Coroplast must be cut, scored and folded in sections in order to be shipped.

If you are planning to make a C&C cage, this is not the way to go. The cutting and scoring won't yield the right dimensions for you. If you need Coro for a cage, please see our pre-cut and scored Coroplast Bases for just the coro.


Price: $29.99

    Coroplast Color

    Cream Yellow Orange Red
    Pink Lime Light Blue Green
    Brown Purple Royal Blue Navy
    Black Silver/Gray Translucent White

    * Pink/Lime: Cagetopia Exclusives

    Item #: CORO-THIRDS
    Availability: In Stock
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    Guinea Pig Cages, of course, and projects—show us yours!

    • School and craft projects including tri-fold display board for Invention Convention events and similar.
    • SPAD (Special Plastic Airplane Design)
    • Outdoor signs for garage sales, fund raising, sporting events, and parking
    • Ballot, suggestion, and storage boxes
    • Theater set construction and background and props
    • Drawer and shelf liners
    • Ground protection work surface for home and auto repair
    • Floor, wall, and countertop protection during construction and renovations
    • Make your own guinea pig cage:
      How to Make a Guinea Pig Cage - Cubes and Coroplast (C&C)

    What's Included

    • 48” x 96” 4mm (about 1/8” thick)
      Coroplast™ brand corrugated plastic sheet (best quality brand),
      cut in three sections: each 32” x 48”,
      scored in half and folded for shipping.
      *Not guaranteed to be perfectly square*
    • Waterproof, reusable, cuttable, recyclable.
    • Your choice of 16 bright, rich colors including our custom PINK and LIME.