Piggy Perch C&C cage addition for guinea pigs

Piggy Perch (PERCH)

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Piggy PerchPlease note: If you're using the Piggy Perch in a Midwest cage, it will fit unless you've installed a Midwest Mezzanine in the cage as well.If your cage has a 12" back wall, you may need to make a cut-through in order to access the grids...
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Will not fit with Mezzanine in Midwest Cage

Being new to guinea pigs I wanted to give my piggy everything. Bought all the enhancements for the midwest cage including the piggy perch. The perch will not fit in the cage if you buy the mezzanine - not enough room. I am just going to save it for future expansions to the cage but think it would be helpful to note that you can not have both mezzanine and perch.

FROM Guinea Pig Cages Store: You're absolutely right! Thank you for pointing this out. We will correct the description and add that the Piggy Perch is too tight of a fit to use with the Mezzanine in the Midwest cage. :)

Reviews 1-1 of 1