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    This rivet pack is EIGHT pairs of rivets (or 16 halves). Enough for a cage or any box that uses two per corner. Plastic rivets give a professional, finished look to your cage. They are secure and easy to snap in. No tape or glue guns needed to hold your corners or pieces together.

    Removable, too!

    Just take a flat-head screwdriver and wiggle it between the two pieces of coro. Gently turn the screw driver and the rivets will pop out. You should be able to reuse them multiple times.

    Item #: PART-RIVETS
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    Plastic Rivets Secures Coroplast

    When you snap these plastic rivets together, they make a super strong connection. They work like cable or zip ties. When you tighten a zip tie, it is highly secure. It's the same with the rivets.

    • Just snap them together -- easy!
    • Super strong connection. You cannot pull it apart!

    How to use them?

    • No tools are required, just snap one into the other.
    • Pre-punch a hole in the two sections of Coroplast that you want to connect.

    Rivet Pack Includes

    • (16) Plastic natural-colored Ratcheting Rivets to secure sides of cubbies
    • NOTE: Two rivets are used for each bond, so you receive 8 pairs (16 rivets) in each pack.

    Storing Rivets

    If you are not going to use them all right away, store them in a plastic bag with a few drops of water to keep them softer over time.

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