Cagetopia Happy Campers Theme

We've created some cool new looks for your summer fun in July 2017! Maybe you can't take your piggies out to the woods with you, but you can bring the fun indoors with our inspired Cagetopia® Happy Campers theme!

Happy Campers Cagetopia Theme Cage for Guinea Pigs - C&C

Our Happy Campers Theme features a Large (2x4 Grid) C&C Cage with a Piggy Patio topped with a Canopy! Pick your colors, features and options and create your own Cagetopia® Campground!

Happy Campers Shopping List

Need a Cover?

Our Deluxe Covered Cages are more suitable than the Patios if you need to cover a cage (to keep kids, cats or dogs out, not guinea pigs in). The adjustable height of the Patio makes the clearance tight when covered. If you are okay with using the Canopy as a top (not overly secure), then you could get our Cover for a 2x4 with a Narrow Loft and use the grids from the top for the front.

Bedding and Accessories on the Guinea Pig Market

After you purchase the cage, visit our sister store, the Guinea Pig Market for matching fleece bedding, cozies and accessories.