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Enjoy happy, healthy, popcorning guinea pigs in a durable,
easy-to-clean, easy-to-modify C&C Cage made by
the Guinea Pig Cages team -- the original and the best!
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Cage Stand - XL

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XL Cage Stand
Price: $54.99

    Grid color
    White Black

    Item #: STAND-XL
    Availability: In Stock
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    XL Cage Stand

    • Keep your guinea pigs off the floor
    • Keep the cage low enough for easy access by young people
    • Match the stand to your cage
    • Provide storage space underneath the cage
    • Change the stand configuration if you change your cage configuration
    • Break it down for easy moving and reassembly

    Cage Stand Includes

    • (27) 14" Powder coated Grids in black or white (safe grids with 1 3/8" openings)
    • (36) Connectors in black or white, matching the grid color
    • Cable ties in black or white, matching the grid color. Reinforces the connections, making them extra tight and super secure.
    • Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos

    Latest Reviews

    Overall Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 3

    Reviewed On: 6/14/2017
    By: Sammi, CO,

    Works great...Took some trial and error.

    <p>Followed the directions and started with the outer part of the stand this I was having issues keeping the connectors on top to stay even after I used the zip ties took me awhile and after some frustration I got the hang of it the rest of the stand was a breeze to complete. The only other issue I had was the connectors for the stand would come apart when I was adding my XL cage with the wide loft this was a simple fix and was also a blessing in disguise because then I knew I had to reinforce those areas with zip ties. The stand is sturdy and holds up to my boys running around and pop-corning I would recommend buying a stand with your cage!</p>

    Reviewed On: 4/2/2016
    By: Jasmine, Aurora, Co

    I highly recommend a stand with your cage

    Ordered my stand about a week after having the cage. I got it in about 4 days so that is pretty quick. Sure makes a difference with the cage being higher. I would recommend ordering it all together because you will need a stand if you do not have a surface the length and with of the cage. I did not like having my cage on the floor. My piggy's like being off of the floor and it gives the cage a much better look as well. It was a little harder to put together then the cage was but once I got the hang of it not to shabby. Took me about an hour to build alone, may be easier and faster with help. I did have to email for confirmation that I put it all together right and I got a prompt reply back. I love the service C&C provides.

    Reviewed On: 12/30/2015
    By: Sarah , Oregon

    Great Place to Call Home

    Gives the cage a base that makes it look GREAT:)