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    Cagetopia Jumbo Cage Stand for the 2x6 Jumbo cage works with single or double-level cages. Our stands are strong and provide storage space underneath.

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    Jumbo Cage Stand

    • When assembled: 30" x 90" x 15"
    • Keep your guinea pigs off the floor
    • Keep the cage low enough for easy access by young people
    • Match the stand to your cage
    • Provide storage space underneath the cage
    • Change the stand configuration if you change your cage configuration
    • Break it down for easy moving and reassembly

    Cage Stand Includes

    • (32) 14" Powder coated Grids in black or white (safe grids with 1 3/8" openings)
    • (42) Connectors in black or white, matching the grid color
    • Cable ties in black or white, matching the grid color. Reinforces the connections, making them extra tight and super secure.
    • Easy-to-follow, color assembly instructions with photos

    Select your Options!

    Grid Color:
    • White
    • Black


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
    Orlando, FL

    Great Stand

    The stand is very sturdy and I am so glad I bought it! However, I think in the future I’m going to buy another one to stack on top of the one I have. The reason being I’m 5’9 and I hurt my back in a car accident so when I bend over even a little it does hurt. I would say the cage is about coffee table height, maybe a little bigger! Overall, this cage stand is amazing and their customer service is AMAZING. I definitely will be buying again from them.


    So worth it!

    I just purchased this cage stand and I am over the moon with it. Assembly was super easy and it’s so nice to have my boys off the floor. Not to mention it’s so much easier to reach them in the cage now. I don’t have to break my back to clean the cage! Shipping was super fast and everything was packaged wonderfully! 100% recommend!

    Middletown CT

    Cage Stand - Jumbo "A perfect addition to the jumbo cage"

    I am so glad i purchased this product to put my jumbo cage with wide loft on. This stand is rock solid when assembled and puts the cage at a great height for easy access to my Guinea pigs. Having room for storage under the cage for all of there food, supplies etc makes life so much easier. Having everything right there saves space and time. This is a great product and i highly recommend it, you will not be disappointed. Sue was a pleasure to talk with and offers quality customer service. I look forward to purchasing more of your products in the future. Thank you :-)

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