Play Station Revisited

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Playing with the Play Station

We thought we'd share a fun variation of the Play Station idea that we introduced a few weeks ago. The Play Station continues to be a hit with our piggies and we quite like this variation with the grids that turn the Play Station into more of a Summer Cabana!

Review our blog post on how to make the original Play Station, then instead of a one grid top, just use two regular grids. A cool-looking house is born! The piggies will be quite intrigued with it. Check out the Cagetopia Specialty Grids and put your creative cavy cage hat on.

Adding a Fleece Forest across the top is a great look for this version. It's quite fun sitting down to play with and outfit this Play Station with fleece and toys with your guinea pigs running around and checking things out -- an enjoyable delight! You can have a lot of fun playing guinea pig house!

Guinea Pig Play Station in leopard fabric

I have to share (wish I had a video) that while revising my Play Station, I had removed one toy and set it aside to add some new ones. Petey, one of my favorite piggies (well, they are all favorites), nabbed the pretty big Wheeker Wreath and like an ant carrying back a huge food item to their nest, slowly dragged the Wheeker Wreath to the entrance of a floor hidey while he enjoyed attacking and munching on it for a quite a while. Our Munchable toy line is really a hit with the piggers.

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