Patio or Loft? Which one for me?

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Deb wrote in,

I recently bought a standard medium cage from you (2 x 3.5 size), kitchen and canopy. I have 2 male guinea pigs (brothers) who get along most of the time. They are 2 months old now. I am thinking of adding a 2nd floor. I am not sure what the difference is between the Loft and the Patio? I am sort of on a budget as well. I am using fleece right now except for in the kitchen. I have shavings in there. Would the patio and/or loft fit this size cage? If so, which one do you recommend?

Thanks for your help!

Sue replies

We can certainly help! The patio sits mid-grid height and is supported by two bars, so it's easy to lift to clean between them. The (smaller) piggy patio would fit the medium cage. The loft sits a full grid height. The narrow loft would fit in the medium cage.

Because they're only two months and males and brothers, the dominance struggle is going to kick in sometime after 6 to 9 months. The best thing to do when that happens is to have a larger cage. The more room you can give them, the better. If you do have the room, we can make you a coroplast extension piece and a few grids and connectors to enlarge the cage to an XL. You'd need a floor space of 30"x 74" and a patio would be great too, but your best bet is the main part of the cage.

If the budget it tight, we sometimes have clearance pieces that we discount as well as a few patios and lofts upon occasion.

If you give me an idea of how much space you can accommodate and if you want to add a patio or loft, I'll go take a peek to see what we have available.

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