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    Circles of cut out leftovers from making various Coroplast items. Use for fun and crafting! Some circles will have a section cut out of them, some will have pen marks.

    We include a nice variety of colors and such, but make no guarantees on what is in any one bag. You will get a 9"x12" Ziploc bag of circles. Most are 2" circles, some may be 1" circles.

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    To affix these to the cage, please put them OUTSIDE the cage walls in case any come undone. Double-stick tape, especially the stronger carpet tape will work. A lot of glues won't adhere well on Coro-to-Coro. Just so you know, Coroplast is a polypropylene copolymer plastic. It is also a thermoplastic and will soften and melt with heat.

    You can also punch a hole in them and affix them with a zip-tie or pipe-cleaner if you don't have an adhesive that will work.

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