WIDE Loft Coro for Inset Ramp

WIDE Loft Coro for Inset Ramp (CORO-LOFT-WL-1R)

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Coroplast Only for our Wide Loft of our Recessed Ramp Design Coroplast is cut and scored for our 2 grid by 2 grid wide loft with our recessed ramp. ...
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Cant wait to put pigs in!

<p>I custom built my cage but I purchased this base to go into my second level, also 2x2 and was so excited to receive my package a mere 2 days after placing my order! I zip tied my whole cage together so I may have to shorten it a bit to get the base to fit into my cage dimensions but I am so excited and pleased with the shape and color of this loft! I would have never been able to properly cut everything to fit the inset ramp which makes me even more excited because it frees up a bit more floor space for my pigs to run around on the base level!</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1