Common Questions about Cages

What are C&C Cages?

C&C stands for Cubes (which is the grid surround) and Coroplast (which is the plastic base)

What is coroplast made out of?

Specifically, polypropylene. It's plastic. It's not cardboard. It's non-toxic, easy to clean, slightly flexible, and perfect for this application.

The coroplast is completely impervious to liquid and will last a life-time. No smell. You just keep it clean by wiping it down with a spray bottle (like a repurposed windex bottle) filled with half white vinegar and half water--cheap, safe, great cleaner. No scrubbing required unless you let the cage get super disgusting for weeks on end.

What is the size of the grid?

14" x 14" square. You should only use grids with 1 1/2" spacing between the squares (it should have 9 squares across and 9 squares down) otherwise, it's not safe. Target grids are NOT safe.

What size is right for my guinea pigs?

Many people say they have a specific size for a location they want to place the cage. Or they want to fit the cage on a dresser and ask if we can custom make a cage to fit that space. The question should be "What size is right for my guinea pigs?" and THEN find an appropriate location.

Can you make me a custom size:

Yes. However, we will not make a cage that is less than 22" wide or that doesn't meet minimum square footage for guinea pigs, 7.5 square feet. You will have to create your own cover if you need one because our covers only work for standard sizes.

Do I need a Cover?

What about my Cat?

Do they use the ramp?

Regarding the loft, some pigs use it and love it, some use it occasionally and some just don't like it. I think it's worth trying as it gives them more options for change and exploring and exercising their legs going up and down the ramp.

Why don’t you make a kitchen for the upper level?

Part of what makes the combination of a kitchen under a patio or loft, is it’s easier to clean under the second level, and also guinea pigs like having something overhead at the kitchen area. You can accomplish the same thing by just draping an old towel or fabric or something across that area. This gives them the sense of security that they need to really encourage them to use that area for eating and pottying.