Porch Patio

Porch Patio (PATIO-PORCH)

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Porch Patio Easy Lift-Off for Cleaning and Access Below! Our Patios are only possible because of our EXCLUSIVE, custom-manufactured Wonder Bars which are very strong. Just lift off the patio and easily pick up the two Wonder Bars for 100% access to...
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Northeast Ohio

The best thing you can add to your C&C cage if you tight on space!

  • Great addition
  • Great for males
  • Instructions
Being new to what C&C has to offer, I was a little unsure of what to get my two boys who get along but disagree some days and need another place to get away from one another to sort of cool down. I was stuck between the loft which I thought was too big for my small space, so I went with the patio and I am sure happy with it!! It took them about 30 minutes to learn how to get up and down and they occasionally still jump off it, but overall they know the ramps are how to get up and down. For me, the use of their hay and some lettuce enticed them to finally get to the patio and after that they loved it! Super happy with the purchase!

Reviews 1-1 of 1