Lookout Lounge for Cagetopia C&C Cages

Lookout Lounge (LOOKOUT)

5.00 stars, based on 3 reviews
LOOKOUT LOUNGE Great for Zoomies Your piggies will enjoy zipping up and around the Lookout Lounge. Great for Lounging While they love zipping around, they really love parking their little wide loads on the Lookout Lounge as well. It's a favorite...
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Jacksonville, FL

Love Love Love the Lookout Lounge!

  • fun marvel perfect sturdy secure precise
The lookout lounge is a super fun addition to our 2x5. Basically, if you can insert/pull a zip tie, then you'll have no problem with installation. It's an engineering marvel: fits perfectly, all parts line up just right, sits sturdy and securely. If you're particular like I am, you will appreciate how precise the carpeting is attached and how the roof fits just so. My two buddies love the Lookout Lounge! (I'm kind of jealous, actually!)

Really is great For Zoomies

  • great for zoom
  • a pain to assemble
My piggies don't hang out in the lookout so much, but they LOVE IT for it's zoom-ability.

They previously didn't zoom very much through their last cage, so I thought it might be a good chill spot, but since I got this they've been more zoomie than ever in the best way possible.


The "Bus Stop" for Guinea Pigs

  • quality
  • sturdy
  • guinea-pig approved
  • cozy
  • zoomies
  • naps
  • space-saver
  • compact
  • gets dirty quickly
  • doesn't prevent mess escaping the cage
Since my guinea pigs have been growing, I wanted their cage to grow with them. Being tight on space, I was hoping this little extension would at least give them more space to run. I did not expect them to use it as their new favorite sleeping spot.

Mind you, I have fleece beds, tunnels, fleece forests, and even a corner hammock, so they have plenty of places to nap and hide, yet 80% of the time I see them in the Lookout Lounge.

I have two adult, female guinea pigs and both fit comfortably with room to spare even while stretched out for a nap. They love resting their heads on the corners, when paired with the Lookout Lounge complimentary fleece set.

When they're being more active, they will run and race through the Lookout Lounge with glee. This is where the only downside might come in. Since there are no 'walls' like the rest of the cage, they often kick out their little poops through the gaps in the grates, so you may have to sweep up the floor around it.

I think they really like how they can see out while also being covered and feeling safe.

My family and I joking call it their "Bus Stop" because it looks like a couple of ladies waiting for a bus as they sit there.

Seeing as it's constantly in use and very sturdy---even when my 1 kg heavy girl is running through it---I give it 5 stars.

Reviews 1-3 of 3