Lookout Lounge for Cagetopia C&C Cages

Lookout Lounge (LOOKOUT)

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LOOKOUT LOUNGE Great for Zoomies Your piggies will enjoy zipping up and around the Lookout Lounge. Great for Lounging While they love zipping around, they really love parking their little wide loads on the Lookout Lounge as well. It's a favorite...
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Really is great For Zoomies

  • great for zoom
  • a pain to assemble
My piggies don't hang out in the lookout so much, but they LOVE IT for it's zoom-ability.

They previously didn't zoom very much through their last cage, so I thought it might be a good chill spot, but since I got this they've been more zoomie than ever in the best way possible.

Reviews 1-1 of 1