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Reviewed On:2/17/2017
By: CavaDad,

<p>Not what i thought it was but it was my fault for not doing more research on the product. Customer service is amazing though.</p>

Reviewed On:11/13/2014
By: Dani Starr, United States


As any guinea pig guardian would, when I decided to adopt two guinea pigs from my local rescue, I knew that I would have to make a c&c cage. Pet store cages are just far too small for guinea pigs, who need room to run around and make laps. Keeping guineas in a pet store cage is like keeping a dog or cat in a closet for their entire life. They NEED the space to run around.

Like most people, I was originally put off a tad by the price of the cages on the site. I could get two sheets of white coroplast for $13 at home depot, a total of $26. I could make my own 2x4 base, easy! And for under half the price of a cage base purchased here! Four ruined sheets of coroplast cut too small or too big, two trips to Home Depot to get more coroplast, two stab wounds from the carpet cutter, two rolls of duck tape, and six hours later, my base was complete and fit inside the grids.

Fast forward a few months, where I started getting the itch to expand my cage. A standard 2x6 wouldn't fit, as I didn't have the room to go length wise. A 3x4 would be the perfect fit.

As eager as I was to expand my cage, I didn't want to go through the trials and tribulations of making a new base when I struggled with it so much last time.

I also wanted to have grey or silver coroplast, which home depot nor any sign shops near me carried.

I finally decided to purchase a pre made coroplast base from the guinea pig cage store. I contacted them via email to inquire about making a custom 3x4 base.

I figured at the earliest, I'd hear back within the next three days. Imagine my shock when I received a reply that VERY NIGHT!

I was even more surprised when the response was a very friendly, multi paragraph email. Sue went into depth about answering my questions, and even mentioned some concerns she had regarding structure and cleaning that I didn't even think of.

She clearly cares about the customers, as she lead me away from purchasing a double cage stand which wouldn't of been structurally sound given I wanted a 3 grid wide cage. She chose to be honest, and give great advice, even if it meant the loss of a sale. Never before have I had that happen.

We corresponded through many emails to fine tune the details of what I needed, and she helped me whittle my list down. I was originally planning on purchasing more grids from them, and didn't even think about using the current ones I had and just purchasing another box from a local store to save on money, she was the one that suggested it.

Without me prompting her at all, she made suggestions on what they could do that would make it cheaper, such as simply folding the base so it would fit in the standard box.

Even though I asked a plethora of questions, she was very kind and fast in her response to each one.

The biggest shock of all, THE PRICE. I figured it was going to be a couple hundred easily. I imagined it would be between $200-$300.

NOPE. Only $139 bucks!! WITH SHIPPING!! That's it! I got a custom sized 3x4 silver base, a custom size silver c&c kitchen with white edging, extra white edging pieces, and a large white grid hay rack.

My mouth dropped when I read how CHEAP the price was.

I happily sent payment, and 7 days later, my package arrived.

I am absolutely in love with the silver color! It's has metallic sheen, and reminds me of a silver sharpie. It's very pretty! It only took a mere 10 minutes to tape everything together with clear packing tape, NO CUTTING OR SCORING! No tears or yells of frustration. It fit together like a glove.

My boyfriend (who could care less about the guinea pig cage) even commented on how he was impressed by how professional and nice it looked. The white trim really brings it up a notch, looks wise.

Never again am I ever going back to building things out of coroplast myself. While many people have no problems doing it, I am not one of those. Instead, I shall order ONLY from here! :D

Sue was even so kind to send an extra backing piece of coroplast as well. Now in the worlds of Hank Hill, "You never get customer service like this, I tell you what."

If you are deciding to purchase from them or not, DO! I can 100% guarantee that you will NOT be disappointed!

Reviewed On:11/24/2012
By: Heather, Tennessee

Amazing Cage

I bought a 2x4 cage for my females which was perfect for my little girls! It was such a great expansion from there little pet store cage. It had plenty of room for them to roam around and plenty of customizable options. I really enojoy this cage and I plan to expand further in the future. GREAT CAGE!

Reviewed On:11/8/2017
By: Haden, NC, USA

Amazing cages

<p>I bought one of these for my boys, and so far it has been a great decision! The cage itself looks very nice and presentable. The customer service was also extraordinary. I mean so glad I got this!</p>

Reviewed On:4/30/2016
By: Emily O'Toole , Nb, ca

Amazing customer service!

I work at a call center. I deal with angry customers for 12 hours a day, 4 days a week. I understand being on the other end of this situation but I am just so amazed.

I have two male guinea pigs who were rescues. Theyve been living in a 2x1 ft cage for the past few weeks since i had only ever had one guinea pig at a time. They needed an upgrade. With the placement of my order I paid via PayPal, and to be honest I have had several bad experiences with them in the past. My PayPal account was showing a charge went through and a payment was received by Guinea Pig Cage Store. When I logged in to check my order, as 10 business days had already passed, I was rather angry to see that the order was "awaiting payment".

Knowing my history and several of my close friends and family's history with PayPal I immediately called in (what a Hassel. It takes 20+ minutes just to speak with a real person).

PayPal assured me my payment had gone through and was accepted by the vendor.

So to my dismay, I'm out $201 and some change (my entire order before shipping was about $115, but I'm eastern canadian).

In a bit of rage I typed up a notice to the email located on the extremely easy to navigate Web page and asked if my shipment should take as long as it has and whether I will need to pay another $201, totaling $400 for one cage. Within MINUTES I receive a response from Sue who explained that it was an issue within PayPal's system that the company's account didn't process my order. but my order would be made and shipped out as soon as possible and she would contact paypal to see what the error was and why it happened. She also credited back 10% of my order to My paypal account, which I never requested as I was expecting to have to wait several more days for the same price or potentially double in a worst case scenario.

Just absolutely superb customer care! I haven't receive the product yet (a 2x4 cage with a kitchen attatchment) but I can almost promise that I'll love it. I'll be sure to write a review about the product as well.

Something about the way this issue was handled inspired me. I never write reviews, and I mean never. But I actually searched a few well known review websites as well as here to leave my opinion.

Reviewed On:6/15/2016
By: Daisy, Georgia, and Patches, Illinois, USA


<p>This review will be a little long so bear with me. I ordered the 2X6 cage with the wide (2X2) loft, and also ordered a kitchen. </p><p>The 2X6 bottom floor was easy to set up. The only thing I would suggest to customer service is to update their instructions as they actually made the coroplast base EASIER to install by pre-punching holes and giving you connectors so no glue or tape is necessary. <em>(Note from GPCS: Thank you! We've updated the instructions.)</em></p><p>The second story/loft was just as easy to install with one exception. The cage comes with zip ties, and this is my one caution: ZIP TIE EVERYTHING YOU CAN TOGETHER!!! If you run out of zip ties, buy more. My loft, while zip tied for strength had the base fall through on one side (no guinea pigs were harmed as zip ties kept it off the ground, but I don't think I've ever scared my girls so much:/). Sometimes the connectors slip and, while it was an error on my part, I don't think it was emphasized enough in the directions to zip tie whenever possible. When in doubt with this cage, put a zip tie above the bottom connector and below the top connector, and for the loft zip tie the edges to the bottom level of the cage, and zip tie the base of the loft to both the bottom of the cage AND the top enclosure piece. Basically, when in doubt, ZIP TIE!! Again, not really a problem on C&C's end, I just feel like more emphasis could have been placed on zip ties in the directions.<em> (Note from GPCS: We've improved our connector, so it's much easier to insert the grids. The grids now "click" into the connectors, but it's always good to add zip ties).</em></p><p>Otherwise, the product shipped EXTREMELY FAST, and the company was diligent about getting the product to the shipping company ASAP! I know this company doesn't control the speed of UPS/USPS/FedEx, but I got everything within 2 days of ordering (including the fleece flippers from their sister site). And realistically, from the size/weight of the box being shipped, I though shipping was very reasonable (I know we aren't supposed to downgrade based on this, but really it wasn't bad!).</p><p>My girls love the cage, and although I was worried about my one large guinea pig fitting on the ramp and through the hole for the second story, but she had no problem. The ramp is also covered with a non-slip material (adds a lot of grip for the piggies) and all three of my pigs went up and down it in about 5 minutes of putting them in the cage. </p><p>Overall a great purchase and don't have a single regret about the purchase! The loft gives my three pigs a resting place while the bottom level lets them run around to their heart's content without me having to worry about clearing a space outside of the cage for them to run! I am absolutely in love with the cage!!!</p>

Reviewed On:5/19/2014
By: Dominique,


I am so pleased with my guinea pig cage. It arrived fast, I bought a 2x4 cage with a narrow loft for 2 male guinea pigs. They LOVED IT!!! They pop-corned so much!! There is so much space in it for them to run laps around!! LOL

The only thing I wish was different is if it had shorter chloroplast sides, such as 3-4 inches. I would like to be able to see them more. (they are small even though they are adults)

I just ordered my second C&C cage for another male I just adopted. I was in a hurry for a cage, so I bought one from the humane society and it is tiny. I can't stand to see him to have such little room, so I bit my lip for the extra money again.

I am so pleased that there are these amazing cages to purchase!!

Thank you C&C!!!!!

Midnight, Reese and Pork chop!!

Reviewed On:1/1/2013
By: Tammy Hernandez, St. Louis, MO.

Awesome Company!! Awesome Product!!

Could not ask for a better cage. Our little piggies have so much fun running around and playing with their toys now, it is so much fun to watch. They seem really happy having all the extra room. So very happy I bought it. Cleaning is so much easier now and we don't have to do it as often like we were doing with the other cage. Don't want to leave the business owners out, these ladies are great they are on top of things and will answer any questions you might have right away.

Thank you Sue & Theresa!!

Reviewed On:11/18/2012
By: Danielle Mata, georgia


Last christmas i had baught a 2x5 for my three guinea pigs.They absalutly loved it.They wouldents stop popcorning thanks,for the awsome cage!!!!!!

Reviewed On:10/1/2017
By: 83dmc, austin texas

Badass cage fam!

<p>got a large with large loft and hearty hay barn with corral. These little poofs have been goin nuts since being introduced to it. I highly recommend these cages. If you think youll do better by sourcing parts and goin alone, you may get it cheaper. But as an AVID DIYer, Its always a question I raise and with this I personally concluded; the price you pay for this setup is basically worth the savings of hair loss and or gray hairs you'd get from the stress of the tedious parts sourcing, planning, and of course the will it work question of the DIY projects which are completely taken care of for you with this product. You get to do only the fun part. assemble and watch the happiness of your guineas spread like reeking wildfire. Buy the cages and accessories fam. your guinea squad fam will oink you to death for it :)</p>

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Reviews 1-10 of 55