Piggy Party Patio in red for Guinea Pig C&C Cages by Cagetopia

Party Patio (PATIO-LARGE)

5.00 stars, based on 2 reviews
Party PatioOur PARTY size patio is designed to fit inside a 2x4 grid cage OR LARGER. The cage itself is NOT included.Bars pass through the grid squares, so if you have a 12" back wall on your cage base, you'll need to cut that section down. Images...
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Flint, MI

Amazing Product

I bought this product for my five girls a week ago and they love it!! I already have a loft but is was becoming a problem with my three senior piggies- too much of an incline for them. So I bought this- much better. They can easily climb up and down. I love it! The patio is the new pigs kitchen area. It easily comes off for cage cleaning- the loft doesn't. I love this product!!

United States

Fabulous suite for two

It literally takes ten minutes for my two young guinea pigs began to run from the top to the bottom of their new patio which we transform it in to a beautiful and spacious bedroom with hanging fleece tents. You can say how much they love their new space by how much time their spend there!Rest of the X large cage its use as a playpen for running and exercising.Thanks guinea pig store for making all this possible for our two sweet girls we will be back for more.

Reviews 1-2 of 2