Partially open XL with Narrow Loft

XL with Narrow Loft, COVERED (CAGE-XL-NL-CVR)

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XL Cage Dimensions Lower level = 27" x 71" = about 13 Square Feet of cage spaceUpper level = about 2 Square Feet of additional spaceTotal = about 15 Square Feet of cage spaceExterior: 30" x 76" when assembled = you will need a table space of about...
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It's already great!

Just last night I assembled my XL with the narrow loft for my two boars, Elmer and Winston. The assembly took me quite a while, but my order was quite large (I ordered a kitchen as well) and the lower lid took a little bit to construct. Once I got half of the lid constructed, the other half was very easy.

My boys were cramped in a Midwest habitat. They are ten months old and near their full size. Although they are a bonded pair of brothers and generally get along very well, I could tell they were getting impatient with each other.

After a few minutes of cautious sniffing, Winston broke into spasms of popcorning pleasure. He even bounced off the coroplast wall! It was very amusing.

The amount of increased activity I've seen already is really impressive. I've seen piggy trains, popcorning, jumping, and even running! Once they discovered the ramp, both of them were climbing up and down. There is room for their toys, hides, and beds with room to spare! I can tell this cage is going to be very beneficial to them.

I have a cage stand on the way and I will say that I am glad about that. The far corner under the loft is hard for me to reach, and I think some cage height will help with that.

Thank you!

Reviews 1-1 of 1