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Adrianna tells us

"I have purchased the C&C Cage, Fleece Flippers, Hidey Hut and other supplies from your store. I absolutely love these products! My guinea pigs have so much room to run around. Having the ramp for the second level helps them get more exercise because they are always running up and down. The Hidey Hut has been my favorite purchase because even after so many washes it still looks brand new and they love sleeping in it. I always tell my friends about your wonderful products and how much happier their piggies will be with a larger cage. It's great that you can customize the cage in any way you choose with the different colors and patterns that are available for the Fleece Flippers. My guinea pigs are named Oreo, Puffsy, and Cheesecake and we can be found at SweetGuineas on Instagram!"

Adrianna's cage is a Cagetopia Large C&C Cage (2x4 grids) with a Wide Loft in Navy featuring our Blue Camo Fleece Pattern in Fleece Flippers and a Hidey Hut. Love the sharp color combinations with the Navy and the Blue Camo which has a water feel to it.

Rachel shares

"We LOVE our new cage and fleece bedding! Winnie and Coco are thrilled! Wanted to send a pic and thank you for answering all of my questions and guidance through the ordering process; seamless!!!"

Rachel's cage went with the same Cagetopia Large C&C cage (2x4 grids) but with the double-ramp Wide Loft offset (easier to clean and get to your guinea pigs) with a storage bin underneath and a Cavy Cafe for disposable bedding under the loft. She's also sporting a Lookout Lounge on the other end. This is a fantastic setup for great cage enrichment and enjoying piggie zoomie antics! She's featuring the Sketched Owls fabric in our Cagetopia Cage Liner and the Happy Hooties fabric in our Fleece Forest.

New LIMITED EDITION Deals hit the Market

Get this beautiful new Celestial print in a 2x3 Liner or Fleece Flipper cases while they last. We may be bringing it in for more products, but can't say for sure yet, so get this while you can.

For the more grounded among us, Turtles! :)


Come have some fun with our "Out of this World" Photo Contest! We want to see your little explorers in their best outer space themed photos. Three lucky adventurers will receive a Gift Certificate for Guinea Pig Market - just submit your best "Out of this World" themed photos for a chance to win. Props preferred and extra love for creativity. The sky is the limit!


Gifts were sent to last months winners and runners up. Don't miss out!

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